Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings


8 & 10 North Street

Listing: Public House, c.1850. Included for group value.

Comment: so quickly do things change that this building appears in the list as Brannigans (and if you go scurrying sound in our HTML you will find our file name is Brannigans too).

Anthony Perry (in his "St. Peter's House") says that this building was originally a house, which lost its front garden to the widening of North Street but otherwise survived that widening and the widening and straightening of Cheapside.

I respect the opinion of that careful researcher - and, after all, he has researched the area, even though he concentrated on St. Peter's House. By taking the easier option of just looking at the building and not letting the facts get in the way, it looks to me to date from about the time of the improvements to this area; and as if it always was a pub with offices over, or some such. Could it be that there was a house here, it was demolished, what had been its front garden (or, more probably, "area") thrown into the street and the remainder of the site sold for this redevelopment? That parallels the story of St. Peter's House suspiciously closely.

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Anyway this building is listed "for group value". It certainly has group value but it could have been included in its own right.