This history mainly covers the story of one site, which was owned and operated by Alfred Hickman, then Stewarts and Lloyds, and then the British Steel Corporation.


Sources and acknowledgements This history has  been put together, from readily available, and mostly secondary, sources. These sources are, I hope, sufficiently clear from the text.  The result is what is only an outline history and the many points at which further information could be added will be obvious.  Any such additions would be very welcome. 

I very pleased to have been able to include a chapter by David Bishop, the ex-Wolverhampton City Archivist, in which he brings together several reminiscences from workers at the plant and others, which are in the City Archives.  I am much obliged to him, as I am to Tim Hadley whose photographs appear in several places.  I am also grateful to Kath Keily for providing an important source. And I have benefitted from the speeches made by Lord Turner of Bilston and by Ron Davies at an event which was held in Bilston Community Centre in April 2009 to mark the passing of thirty years since the closing of the works. I have also used a cache of copy documents which the late Jim Speakman gave me some years before his death; 

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