8.  Views of the Works 1947 - 1951 by Tim Hadley

Tim Hadley joined Stewarts and Lloyds as an apprentice in about 1947 and worked there for some years.  During that time he took many photos around the works.  Here are some of them, starting with exterior shots.

An old view of the works from the canal.   A high view looking towards Bilston town centre.
A copy of a pre-war aerial view of the works.   The old blast furnace.
A new locomotive acquired for the works.   Looking down on the locomotives.

The ore stock yard.  

Another high view - showing a usual amount of smoke and steam.

The main office and training school.

Tim Hadley acting as the fireman on one of the works locomotives.

Another view of old blast furnaces.

And now moving to photographs of the interior:


Tuyere, at the base of a blast furnace, through which the blast of air was pumped.

  Bell opens.
Open hearth furnace front.   Reg checking steel temperature.
An old beam engine.   Open hearth furnace spout.
Strip mill cobble.   The strip mill.

Another form of muscle power used around the factory.

  Circular saw cutting hot metal into lengths.
Fettling an open hearth furnace.   Blast furnace slag side.
Teeming.   Steel ladle, teeming.
Open hearth furnace landing.   Open hearth furnace slagging off.
Open Hearth furnace loading machine.   Open hearth furnace casting.
Ladle ready for casting,   Rolling mill.
The interior of an open hearth furnace.   Ladle emptying.
The coal feeder at the gas producer.   Thermocouple tip.
Tim Hadley in the engine room.   Open hearth furnace casting.

Gordon Cadman and the ghostly figure of Tim Cadman, watching a pour, in a time exposure.

The back of an open hearth furnace.


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