George Cave and Son, Builders and Contractors.

The position occupied by the builder and contractor is necessarily one of great importance in a town like Wolverhampton, and a leading firm of this trade is to be found in that of Messrs. George Cave and Son, who have been established here upwards of twenty five years. They enjoy a reputation for turning out only thoroughly first class work, and their connections extend over a wide area.

The premises utilised are located in Raby Street and Powlett Street, and comprise a spacious yard and well equipped workshops, the whole being very conveniently arranged. Here Messrs. Cave and Son hold a large quantity of well-seasoned timber, building materials, and building appliances, being thus prepared to commence and carry out all classes of work in the promptest manner. They employ only experienced hands in the various branches, and maintain a keen supervision over all operations. Estimates are furnished on the shortest notice, and it need scarcely be remarked that in all their dealings this firm will be found perfectly straightforward and most reasonable.

The Chromographic Enamel Company, Ltd., Dudley Road.

This important business was established some twelve years ago. The works and offices in Dudley Road provide all essential accommodation, while the plant, etc. is equally satisfactory. A new works has just been erected in Church Lane for manufacturing enamelled stove plates for lining the interior of gas stoves. This firm carries on the manufacturing of every description of enamelled iron advertisement plates, in any color or design, and employ a large number of hands.

The Chromographic Enamel Company, Limited, are contractors to Her Majesty's Government, while they embrace as patrons most of the large and leading firms in the country. Samples of the work of this firm may be seen at all the principal railway stations. Their productions generally are of world-wide reputation. Telephone No. 7027. Telegrams:- "Chromo, Wolverhampton."

Christie & Co., Merchant Tailors, Bank Buildings, Lichfield Street.

One of the largest of the best-class tailoring trades of Wolverhampton is in the hands of Messrs. Christie & Co., of Bank Buildings, Lichfield Street, who commenced business at this address nearly a dozen years ago, and have ever since been regarded with the highest favour by gentlemen who realise the advantages of being well dressed. The handsome and well appointed shop is conveniently placed, and a splendid stock of materials is always open to the inspection of customers, who may rely upon seeing here the latest novelties of the season in high-class tweeds, woollens and other tailoring goods.

The variety is always an ample one, and the styles and patterns are specially selected to meet the wishes of an influential circle of custom. Cut and fit are assured by dealing with Messrs. Christie & Co., whose cutters and tailors are thoroughly skilled and experienced, and every effort is made to please. The leading place which this concern has attained, is due to the ability and care displayed in the management of it, and to the fact that customers know that they will be thoroughly well served by supporting this firm.

Bennett Clark, Photographer, 74 Darlington Street.

Mr. Bennett Clark admittedly holds premier rank as a representative of the photographic art in Wolverhampton. His business at 74 Darlington Street, is an old established one, and has long received a flattering share of patronage from the best circles in and around Wolverhampton. The premises occupied consist of a nicely appointed shop at front, in which may be seen many beautiful specimens of photography, also elegantly appointed reception and dressing rooms, and studio, equipped with the highest class apparatus and accessories.

Vignettes, cartes-de-visite, cabinets, imperial and panel portraits are all executed in the highest style of the art at moderate prices, and a special feature is also made of permanent platinotypes. Special attention is given to children's portraits, and the most gratifying results obtained. Enlargements are executed in every style, size, and variety of finish (colour or monochrome).

As an outdoor photographer Mr. Clark has established a high reputation, his work in landscapes, groups, architecture, etc., being absolutely unsurpassed for artistic merit and first class finish. His views of Wolverhampton command a large sale. Mr. Clark is assisted by a capable staff, and all orders are executed promptly.

T. J. Cooke and Son, Brassfounders, etc.

The premises occupied by this firm are styled Cleveland Works, and are located in Cleveland Road, at the junction of Raby Street. Messrs. Cooke and Son are the proprietors and manufacturers of Wilkes' patent spindles, which have for so many years had a firm hold in the lock furniture trade. They are also manufacturers of Mace's, Walter's, and Pitt's patent brass furniture, china and buffalo horn furniture, and in fact every description of brass door lock furniture, such as lock plates, knobs, handles, cupboard turns, finger plates, escutcheons, etc., etc. An illustrated catalogue is issued to the trade, and the transactions of this firm are on a very extensive scale.

John Cooper, manufacturer of every description of Brass Cabinet Locks, St. Paul's Works, Paul Street.

The manufacture of locks constitutes one of the leading branches of industry practised in Wolverhampton, while among the leading concerns engaged in the trade is that of Mr. John Cooper, which was established upwards of half-a-century ago, and is carried on at the St. Paul's Works, Paul Street. Extensive accommodation is at hand here, and the efficiency of the plant is quite apparent.

Mr. Cooper is a manufacturer of every description of brass cabinet locks, and so trustworthy is the quality of his productions that the demand for them has attained remarkable dimensions, a fact showing that the labour given by him, in order to ensure the satisfaction of his customers, has not gone unrewarded. A staff of skilled hands is engaged, and orders are promptly and carefully completed. Mr. Cooper's Manufactures have attained a wide celebrity, and his position in his trade is a very secure and creditable one.

William Cook and Co., Manufacturers and Merchants, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Travelling Requisites, Athletic Goods, In and Out-Door Games, Linoleums, Carpets, Floor Cloths, Mats; Matting, etc., 13 Victoria Street.

Occupying a prominent position among the chief business enterprises of Wolverhampton, is the well-known concern carried on by Messrs. William Cook and Co., Manufacturers and Merchants, Importers of Toys and Fancy Goods, etc., etc., at 13 Victoria Street.

The premises utilised are very extensive and comprise a capacious shop and large warehouses, workshops, etc. The building is three-storied, with capital cellars in basement, and has a good frontage, the large window displaying to the best advantage the various commodities dealt in.

The stock held is exceptionally heavy and varied in character, including ropes, twines, sacks, horse cloths, cart and rick sheets, floor cloths, mats, matting, etc., etc., also a fine assortment of foreign toys and fancy goods.

Messrs. Cook and Co. represent the best firms of Wolverhampton, Birmingham, and Sheffield in hardware. They have agents in London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, and all the principal continental manufacturing centres, consequently can afford to their many patrons the very best advantages both in respect to quality and prices, as all goods are derived direct from the chief sources of supply.

This concern was established as far back as 1747 as a rope and twine depot. But since coming into the hands of the present proprietors (some fifteen or eighteen years since) other departments have been added from time to time, until the business has now assumed proportions beyond the most sanguine expectations of the founders, and has necessitated frequent alterations and additions to premises, and the opening of temporary branches in other towns to cope with special seasons trades, such as fireworks, Christmas and New Year cards, etc., etc., which have become a very considerable business.

It has always been attended with prosperity, due, no doubt, to the skill and enterprise displayed in its control. The proprietors, who spare no efforts to enhance the reputation of the firm, have every reason to congratulate themselves upon the practical success achieved.

William Cozens & Co., Wholesale Grocers and Provision Merchants, Manufacturers of "Time Ball" Self Raising Flour, also proprietors of "Time Ball" Baking and Egg Powders, Horseley Fields.

A house that is clearly entitled to a foremost rank in the tea, grocery, and provision trade of Wolverhampton, is that of Messrs. William Cozens and Co., and not less in point of reliability as in the extent of trade done.

This notable business was founded about thirty years ago, and its history has been one of steady and substantial progress, a result directly traceable to the energetic, honourable and enterprising management. The premises utilised in Horseley Fields, consist of a large and well appointed retail shop, with large warehouse, stores, and manufacturing departments at the rear, these having a long frontage to St. James' Square. The establishment is admirably arranged throughout to suit all the requirements of a busy wholesale and retail trade, and the total stock held is of great value and extent. It includes India, China, and Ceylon teas of the finest growths, and blended with exceptional care and skill; every description of plain and high-class groceries; Italian warehouse goods and provisions of every class, home, foreign, and colonial produce, etc.

A great success has been achieved by this firm with the "Time Ball" Self-Raising Flour, which is manufactured on the premises by improved  processes. This preparation, since its introduction, has obtained wide celebrity, and is now in daily increasing favour among all classes. It is recognised as an absolutely pure and wholesome article, specially adapted for home baking, and unequalled for cakes, tarts, pies, puddings, fancy bread, etc. Above and beyond everything it is highly digestible, and herein lies its great superiority over many productions of the same character.

Any article of daily consumption that is proved to promote good digestion cannot be too highly recommended, and there is no doubt that the "Time Ball" Self-Raising Flour has fully established its claim to rank of this class. There need not be the slightest misgiving that “good digestion will wait on appetite” by users of this standard, pure and economical article. The “Time Bal” Baking and Egg Powders manufactured by this firm, are also in large and increasing demand. We may add that Messrs. Cozens have splendid horses and vehicles to ensure prompt delivery of all orders in town or country, and that no firm stands higher in the Midlands for fair and honourable methods of trading.

Henry Clarke's Exors., "Cogent" Cycle Works.

A firm that has gained distinction in the Cycle trade in Wolverhampton is that of Henry Clarke's Exors., widely known as the "Cogent" Cycle Works. The enterprise was founded in 1868, and has had a career of prosperity, and the evolution of the cycle from the old "bone-shaker" to the splendid machines now in the market, has been due to such enterprise and inventive skill as has characterised this firm. We may state that the year 1896 proved one of unprecedented success for this firm, the demand for their machines being considerably in excess over former years, in fact, the resources of the establishment were frequently taxed to meet the increased trade.

In consideration of this expansion, additions in plant, machinery, and apparatus have been made, and also extensions in the factories to enable the firm to execute the anticipated greater demand. The works are prominently situated and splendidly equipped with the best improved machinery and appliances. The productions are notable for elegance of design, quality of material, superior workmanship and finish; while the prices are consistently low, in fact, this firm prides itself upon its ability to supply a machine of unsurpassed excellence at the lowest possible price. They are built with the celebrated seamless steel tubes, the bearings are made from the most reliable steel, and the gearing and fittings throughout are of the finest quality.

Either racers or roadsters, for ladies, gentlemen, or youths, are manufactured upon the most scientific principles and improved construction. For specifications and prices an illustrated catalogue may be obtained from the firm. The "Cogent" Cycles have won golden opinions from the most competent judges and experts, testimonials being received from all quarters as to their special merits. An extensive export trade is done, whilst in the home markets the "Cogent" cycles are duly appreciated. An adequate staff of experienced artisans finds constant employment, and no efforts are spared by Mr. T. Parker, the manager, to enhance the reputation of the firm.

Joseph Cooper, Decorator, Grainer, Painter, Sign Writer, etc., 12 Snow Hill.

This well-established business was formerly the property of Mr. M. Tatlow, and has been conducted by Mr. Joseph Cooper, the present owner, for the last five years or so. Mr. Cooper's shop at 12 Snow Hill, is convenient in size and arrangement, and contains a large stock of paper hangings in all the latest shades and patterns, and also brushes and sundries. As a decorator of public buildings, shops, residences, etc., Mr. Cooper is well to the front, the taste and finish of his work being widely appreciated, while he also carries on the trades of a grainer, painter and sign-writer with equal success.

He will be pleased to supply estimates for jobs in any of the lines above-mentioned, and he bears a capital reputation for his promptitude in executing orders. This concern (which was first started in 1873) has shown steady development under Mr. Cooper's efficient proprietorship, and the connection attached to it at the present day is a valuable one.

James Deacon, Commission Agent and Valuer, and Dealer in all kinds of Machinery, Fern Place, 85 and 86 Dudley Road.

Mr. James Deacon, conducts the largest and most important business of its character in and around Wolverhampton. He is a commission agent, valuer, and dealer in every class of machinery and mechanical appliances, and has wide and valuable connections. Mr. Deacon's father founded the business fifty years ago, and the present proprietor has been in possession during the last thirty years. Its success has been uninterrupted, which speaks well for its excellent management.

The premises utilised comprise extensive yard stock and show room, extending from Dudley Road back to Derry Street, and covering an area of about 7,000 square yards. All kinds of boilers, engines, and machinery are bought, sold, or exchanged, and Mr. Deacon has always on hand an immense stock. We should imagine that no one could fail to meet with just what they require at this depot, for the assortment of boilers; traction, steam, and gas engines of all types; pumps, lathes, boring and drilling machines, fans, tools of every description, pulleys, shafting, lifting tackle; canvas and leather belting, and a thousand miscellaneous articles not only represents great value, but shows the wide extent of Mr. Deacon's trade. Lifting tackle of all kinds is supplied on hire.

As a valuer of machinery, etc., Mr. Deacon stands in high repute, and for his uniformly prompt and honourable methods of dealings he is held in general esteem.

P. De la Haye, Military Tailor, Breeches, Habit, Jacket, and Costume Maker, 17 Darlington Street.

The well-known tailoring establishment in the hands of Mr. De la Haye, is one of the oldest, and certainly one of the most popular concerns in Wolverhampton. This gentleman always keeps a well-selected stock of the newest and most fashionable materials for customers to select from, and a fit, style; quality, and finish is guaranteed.

Mr. De la Haye makes a special feature of breeches and gaiters, also ladies' costumes, and possessing, as he does, e thorough practical experience of many years' duration of a very high-class trade, ladies and gentlemen could not do better than call at 17 Darlington Street, which is thoroughly well-appointed, and equipped in both the ladies' and gents' fitting rooms.

His patrons are well aware that he is able to offer them substantial advantages in respect to both prices and quality, while for style and fit this gentleman has no superior. Mr. De la Haye is evidently bent on sustaining the high representation he enjoys for high-class works, and his efforts are sure to be crowned with success.

Tom B. Dobbs and Co., Royal Staffordshire Seed Stores, 32 Queen Square, and Goldthorn Nursery, Penn Road.

The business conducted by Messrs. Tom B. Dobbs and Co., nurserymen and seedsmen was established in 1792, and is certainly one of the most important of its kind in the Midlands. Wolverhampton is specially fortunate in possessing such an establishment in its midst, as, being one of the most enterprising manufacturing towns, and in close proximity to large agricultural districts, the advantages are obvious.

The country visitors to Messrs. Dobbs' establishment, for seeds, shrubs, plants, hops, beehives, etc., must bring an influx of trade to others, viz., to agricultural implement, hard and hollowware merchants, saddlers, etc., etc. .Messrs. Tom B. Dobbs and Co.'s business headquarters are situated at 32 Queen Square (the oldest established seed stores in the County of Stafford), and comprise a nicely appointed shop and storerooms. Here may be obtained every description of seed, either for agricultural or horticultural purposes, also cut flowers, wreaths, crosses, bridal and floral decorations of every character.

The extensive nursery, widely known as "Goldthorn," is located at Penn Road (behind the Orphanage), and visitors will be both interested and attracted by the marvellous display. The products of "Goldthorn" are very varied and complete, and intended to meet the requirements of all planters of trees, shrubs, and plants, either on large estates, country residences and town villas, everything being well acclimatised and adapted to the district. Decorative plants and cut flowers can be sent to any distance and are available at short notice for festive and other occasions at lowest consistent prices. The "Goldthorn" nurseries can be inspected by visitors at any time, whether they wish to buy or not.

We cannot refrain from mentioning a few specialities for which they have achieved exceptional celebrity, such as roses, dwarf and standard, tea, and climbing fruit trees and bushes, including plums, apples, pears, cherries, gooseberries, raspberries, currants, all of the best varieties, find a large and varied stock of all kinds of hardy and ornamental shrubs and forest trees, climbers and fencing, a choice collection of palms, ferns, herbaceous plants, etc.

We must draw attention to the specialities in vegetable seeds Messrs. Dobbs and Co. have themselves introduced and have attained widespread fame for their Staffordshire Champion Parsnip, Staffordshire Marrow, Staffordshire Queen Peas, and Early and Woffier Cabbage, also the New Mangold Staffordshire Champion. Every other kind of seeds is quoted in their catalogue. Messrs. Dobbs and Co. enjoy the highest repute for their world-selected strains of stocks and asters, and other choice flower seeds for greenhouse and out-door culture.

Messrs. Dobbs undertake all kinds of work in connection with horticulture, the laying out of gardens, grottoes, bowling greens, etc., for which they provide the best designs and have a skilled staff of gardeners for carrying out. They also supply every garden requisite, manures, insecticides, weed-killers, bee-hives, and appliances, hops, and a host of general sundries. Messrs. Dobbs & Co.'s splendid general catalogue in the spring, bulb and nursery lists in the autumn, are free to customers. Special terms are quoted for market gardeners and traders buying extensively, and orders transmitted through the post receive careful and prompt attention.

It should also be mentioned that all vegetable and flower seeds are sent carriage or post free to any part of the country, in fact, we may fearlessly assert that this firm offer advantages to patrons equal if not superior to any other firm in the business. Messrs. Dobbs and Co. have a branch at the Deanery Gardens, in the centre of the town, which is conveniently situate for testing the growth of seeds, etc. The enterprise in all its ramifications is splendidly controlled and reflects the highest credit upon the two principals, Mr. Alfred and Mr. Tom B. Dobbs, who are to be congratulated upon the success that has crowned their efforts.

J. Devey and Co., Cycle Manufacturers, Pipers Row.

The manufacture of Cvcles forms one of the principal industries of Wolverhampton, and in this connection for upwards of twenty two years, the firm of Messrs. J. Devey and Co. has been prominently associated.

They are manufacturers of the celebrated "North Express" Cycles, which are widely known and appreciated throughout the country. These machines are made of the soundest and most reliable materials, whilst the construction and workmanship are of the highest order of merit. All the latest developments in the trade have been adopted by this firm, and there is no doubt whatever that for lightness, strength, elegance, safety, and easiness of riding, the "North Express" machines are unsurpassed.

The showrooms, office, and works are situated at Pipers Row (within easy access of the G.W.R. and L. and N. W. Railway Stations, and are well arranged and equipped for the business. The staff of hands is efficient in strength and skill, and the general management reflects the highest credit upon the principal.

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