Thomas Edwards and Sons, Drapers, General Furnishers, etc., and Undertakers, York House, 1, 2, 3, and 4 High Street.

The size and variety of the business conducted in Wolverhampton by the firm of Messrs. Thomas Edwards and Sons, place it in the very front rank of local commercial concerns, and for this reason should be included in our Review. Mr. Thomas Edwards and Mr. E. W. Edwards are the present owners of the concern, which was opened about sixty years ago, by their father, Mr. Thomas Edwards, Senr., to whom they have proved to be worthy successors, conducting their trade on the same commendable lines as were so successful in the past.

Their premises are in High Street and are known as "York House," the situation is a central and convenient one, while the shop, showroom, workroom, and warehousing accommodation, etc., is on a scale of exceptional dimensions. The different departments are each located in particular parts of the building, of which the organisation is admirable. To attempt to detail here even the leading items of Messrs. Edwards and Sons' immense stock would be a practically impossible task, and we must content ourselves by stating that in different sections of the establishment is shown a large assortment of mantles, jackets, silks, plain and fancy drapery, etc., hosiery and gloves, furniture and furnishings, carpets, rugs, linoleums, and all other goods usually kept by leading drapers, general furnishing warehousemen, upholsterers, and cabinet makers.

The quality and reliability of the goods sold at "York House" is too well known in Wolverhampton to need emphasising here, and it is to the superior character of their stock that Messrs. Edwards and Sons' popularity can be traced. They pay special attention to the requirements of the public, and display commendable energy and enterprise in their methods of trading. The establishment is efficiently staffed, and comes under the supervision of the principals, who are known and respected in the district as the owners of one of the most influential emporiums in Wolverhampton. We should also add that they have an extensive connection as undertakers and public decorators.

J. Gallagher and Co., Wine and Spirit Merchants, Wholesale Bottlers of Bass's Ale and Guinness's Stout, 19 St. John's Square.

For more than half a century Messrs. Gallagher and Co. have been engaged in supplying to the residents of Wolverhampton and the contiguous districts wines and spirits, etc., of a superior class, and their exertions have met with such approval that they are in receipt of a valuable and ever increasing custom. Their premises in St. John's Square afford ample accommodation for bottling, stock and other purposes, and have been fitted up with all appointments usual in this business.

Messrs. Gallagher and Co. hold an extensive stock of wines and spirits, in which are represented many of the favourite vintages and brands, and all are selected with the greatest care, as this firm are thoroughly experienced, and have close acquaintance with the best and most reliable sources of supply. An extensive family and general trade is done here, and all orders are carefully executed.

As bottlers of Bass's Burton ale, and Guinness's stout, this firm are widely known and do an extensive trade. They have excellent horses and vehicles to ensure prompt delivery in the town or district. Messrs. Gallagher and Co. have made a first-class name for themselves, and their future trading record should continue to show satisfactory results.

Henry Gardner, Wolverhampton Trimming Shop, 3 and 4 Queen Street.

A business of special importance and considerable prominence in Wolverhampton is that of Mr. Henry Gardner, of the Wolverhampton trimming shop, 3 and 4 Queen Street. A very valuable and extensive trade is being done by Mr. Gardner, a gentleman of wide experience in the trade, and who, it should be mentioned, was formerly with Messrs. Marshall and Snelgrove, the well-known London House. He commenced business on his own account with the policy to place before the public the very best quality of goods at lowest remunerative prices, and the support of the best circles has been ungrudgingly and worthily bestowed upon his house.

With reference to the premises occupied, they possess a very conspicuous frontage, and comprise shops, with stores, etc. to the rear, show, stock, and workrooms in the upper storeys, and the general arrangement division, equipment, and organisation of the whole establishment is eminently convenient and admirable. There are four large plate glass show windows, the display in which is always of a brilliant and attractive character. The departments are as follows: millinery, ladies' outfittings, fancy drapery, trimmings, furs, and in each of these can be seen the newest fashions and styles, Mr. Gardner being one of the first in the trade to introduce each season's novelties.

Competent hands are employed on the premises in the millinery branch, and all orders receive the most careful and prompt attention. The proprietor personally superintends the establishment, and there is little doubt that while under his management it will continue to gain in well-deserved popularity.

Frederic J. Gibson, Dispensing Chemist, 93 Darlington Street.

This business is specially noteworthy on account of its age, having been in existence upwards of sixty two years, and that it is one of the most popular of its character in Wolverhampton will be admitted on all sides. It has been in the hands of the present proprietor for the last eleven years, a gentleman of wide experience in his calling, and whose skill in the compounding of, physician's prescriptions and family recipes is well recognised, this branch of the business being of special value and importance.

The shop possesses a most attractive exterior, whilst the interior is elegantly fitted up, all its appointments being thoroughly first class. The stock maintained is of great value and variety, including all kinds of drugs and chemicals, the most noted patent medicines and proprietary articles, surgical appliances and every description of toilet, nursery and sick room requisites, also every requisite connected with the photographic art. Most moderate charges are the rule, and in fact, everything is done by the proprietor to fully deserve the large and influential share of patronage he receives.

Alfred J. Gilmore, Hatter, Hosier, etc., corner of Worcester Street and Temple Street. Branch Establishment, 74 Bilston Street.

One of the most popular Hat and Hosiery establishments in Wolverhampton is that owned by Mr. Alfred J. Gilmore, situate on the corner of Worcester Street and Temple Street (see illustration), and who has also a capital branch shop at 74 Bilston Street.

Gilmore's shop on the corner of Worcester Street and Temple Street.

This business is carried on in a most smart and energetic manner, and the proprietor is not only fully alive to the requirements of the public, but, moreover, anticipates them with consummate skill, which at once stamps this as one of the smartest, best, and cheapest houses in the town for hats and hosiery of every description. Mr. Gilmore has justly earned the name of "the people's hatter and hosier;" his "Star", "Crescent", and "Cross" speciality having had a tremendous sale, and thousands of which are now worn.

Mr. Gilmore selects his stock with discretion and care from the best sources, in a manner which at once proves his intimate knowledge of the business. Large stock is always maintained, while an inspection of them is well worth making. The business is bound to continue to be a popular and progressive one.

Henry Glaze, Saddler, 55 Dudley Street.

As an old established house of the kind, the one under the proprietorship of Mr. Henry Glaze is certainly deserving of mention. When we state that it was founded in 1817, and its prestige always well maintained, this will be thoroughly understood.

As a saddler, harness and horse clothing manufacturer, Mr. Glaze holds a premier position in Wolverhampton. All goods turned out of his establishment are of the highest quality in respect to material and workmanship. He maintains one of the most extensive and select stock of goods in the trade, including ladies' and gents' saddles, harness, horse furniture and clothing; also stable requisites, such as horse and body brushes, dandies, spoke and water brushes, sponges, and whips, by the most eminent makers. In addition he holds an exceptionally fine selection of hide, fancy leather, and fitted bags, dress baskets, hat and dressing cases, travelling trunks, flasks and miscellaneous articles of a useful character and suitable for presents.

It should also be mentioned that Mr. Glaze manufactures mill banding to order, and is patronised extensively in this particular by the principal manufacturers of the town. Repairs also receive the most prompt attention, and estimates for all work are tendered on application. The premises occupied are situated at 55 Dudley Street, and are in every way adapted to the business requirements. The shop and showrooms are suitably equipped, and the general arrangements of an exceptionally high class character. An adequate staff of skilled workmen find regular employment in the manufacturing and repairing departments. The enterprise is admirably conducted, and reflects the highest credit upon the highly-esteemed proprietor.

Goddard and Company, Coal Merchants, Mill Wharf, Union Mill Street, Horsley Fields. Telephone 7245.

About thirteen months ago Messrs. Goddard and Company took over the coa1 business at Mill Wharf, Union Mill Street, which for many years previous had been conducted by Messrs. H. Lawson and Son. There is no doubt that this is one of the best known businesses of its character in Wolverhampton, and at the present time it is being conducted on the most enterprising lines.

Messrs. Goddard have splendid wharf accommodation on the side of the canal, and are thus enabled to keep a large stock of coals on hand, and meet all demands most promptly. They have a capital connection among manufacturers and private families; supplying the best Cannock Chase and Brownhills coals, cobbles, kibbles, etc., also, rough slack, breezes, coke, etc. For any quantity Messrs. Goddard offer the very best advantages in respect to price, and the result of their uniform prompt, courteous and honourable methods of trading is plainly apparent in a steadily increasing and desirable connection.

W. A. Gorton, Manufacturer of the "Talbot" Cycles, Fern Road and Herrick Street.

An instance of rapid, substantial, and well-deserved prosperity in the cycle trade is furnished in the career of the business of Mr. W. A. Gorton, maker of the well-known "Talbot" Cycles. This gentleman commenced in Lord Street some years ago, but the premises becoming too small for his expansive trade, he has found it necessary to remove to more commodious ones in Fern Road and Herrick Street.

These are two distinct addresses. In Herrick Street, the premises comprise machine shops for turning and for mechanical work, plating and enamelling departments, etc., whilst at Fern Road are situated the erecting and finishing shops, warehouse, and office. A considerable number of hands are employed at each place, and the best facilities exist for turning out uniform high-class work at most moderate prices. Mr. Gorton hopes to combine his business under one address very shortly.

He enjoys the highest reputation for his productions in ladies' and gentlemen's safeties, roadsters, racers, etc., juvenile machines, tandems, and tricycles, the "Talbot" machines being appreciated in the fullest degree as being sound and reliable, speedy, elegant in design, and exhibiting superior workmanship. An illustrl1ted catalogue is issued each season, and exceptional advantages are offered to the trade. The commercial connection extends to all parts, is well organised, and the manner in which the concern is being conducted from every standpoint, makes it sure to predict for it continued prosperity.

At the time of going to press we learn that this business has been made a limited company, under the style of The Talbot Cycle Company, Limited. Managing Director, Mr. W. A. Gorton.

Herbert H. Green, Lock Manufacturer, etc., "Gothic" Works, Herrick Street.

The enterprise conducted by Mr. Herbert H. Green has been established over ten years, and affords an example of what may be accomplished by talent and energy in a comparatively short space of time. Mr. Green is extensively engaged as a manufacturer and inventor of locks, fancy gothic thumb latches registered gothic latches, special wrought hat and coat hooks, casement stays and fasteners, ring handles, cord hooks, door and gate latches, etc., and in fact all kinds of odd work in wrought iron.

The "Gothic" works are located in Herrick Street, and comprise capitally appointed workshops fitted with modern machinery and appliances, and we may state that the output is a constantly increasing one. Mr. Green is the patentee of several well approved articles, such as the patent spring door bolt, the registered “Eclipse” latch and door bolt combined, and a recent invention of his calling for special mention, is a cycle brake which embodies several advantages over any other in use; its chief features being that it acts as brake and also as a lock for the cycle when required.

The spring, and in fact all working parts are hidden from view in a small circular box fastened to the handle bar, giving the machine quite a neat appearance. When the brake is pressed down it can be locked by the means of a small wrench which is given with each brake. It should certainly come into great demand by those who are compelled to leave their cycles unattended for any length of time. The wrench, which is nickel-plated and is small enough to carry in a waist coat pocket, is a very useful article, not only acting as key to the lock, but fits all nuts attached to the brake; in fact, nearly all the nuts of the cycle can be tightened by it. All orders submitted receive careful attention, and that the business will continue to develop under its present proprietorship there can be no doubt.

E. Hands and Son, Leather Merchants. etc., Tower Street.

Among the varied industries of Wolverhampton, the firm of Messrs. E. Hands and Son, leather merchants and manufacturers of boot uppers and leggings, is held in high repute. This firm has been in existence for a period of nearly 40 years. The premises utilised form a corner to Pipers Row and Tower Street, are very spacious, of three storeys, with 24 windows facing the two streets.

All classes of boot uppers are turned out at these works, which, for style, workmanship, and reliable material may be equalled, but certainly cannot be surpassed in any works in the kingdom. The concern gives every evidence of first class and energetic management a fact which must be patent to even a casual observer.      We wish such a sound and reliable firm every success.

J. H. Herbert, General Ironmonger and Cycle Agent, 16 Darlington Street.

A well-known representative of the ironmongery trade, to which is coupled the cycle trade also, in Wolverhampton, is Mr. J. H. Herbert, who has large and commodious premises in Darlington Street. This gentleman has drawn together a trade, of which he has every reason to be proud - a result directly due to his able and enterprising business exertions, and the fact that he has constantly aimed to sell only the best goods at most reasonable prices.

All kinds of general ironmongery are here maintained in great variety, together with a goodly stock of the best cutlery, procured from the best and most reliable houses only, and in which a good class trade is done. Mr. Herbert has always on hand a splendid assortment of cycles of the very best make, which may be had at the lowest consistent prices.

There can be no question that his business is conducted on the most able and enterprising lines, the proprietor evidently possessing a thorough knowledge of all branches of the trade, as evidenced in the fact that he is able to offer the most liberal terms to all patrons.

A. W. Hicks and Co., Builders, Carpenters, Plumbers, etc., Oak Street.

Although of only recent founding this business can lay claim to being one of an important character. The premises in occupation are 1ocated in Oak Street, off Lower Great Brickkiln Street and cover a considerable area. They comprise spacious yard, saw mill, and joinery works, carpenters' workshops, office, warehouse, etc., and are most conveniently arranged throughout. The machinery and appliances in use are of the best type, and in each branch a number of experienced hands are constantly employed.

Messrs. Hicks are prepared to undertake the erection of every description of building, and commence and carry out the same in the promptest manner. As plumbers, glaziers, and painters they are also well to the front. They supply in any quantity all kinds of building materials, joinery, and general plumbers' and decorators' requisites; and buying at first hand from the most reliable manufacturers, can offer the best terms to all purchasers. The principals personally superintend all work on hand, and it may be confidently predicted that under their management the business will attain much larger proportions.

Herbert Holloway, Contractor, Furniture Remover, and Coal Merchant, Bilston Road and Commercial Road.

A business of a very important character is conducted in Wolverhampton, by Mr. Herbert Holloway, of Bilston Road, who is a general contractor, furniture remover, coal merchant, etc. This gentleman has been established many years, and a most gratifying measure of success has attended all his business operations. He undertakes the construction of sewerage roads, gas and water works, reservoirs, docks, canals, railways, tramways, paving, the laying out of new estates, etc. and has always at command a staff of several hundred men to commence and finish work expeditiously and well.

A large share of work in the town and Midlands, in fact, all over the kingdom, falls to Mr. Holloway, under Corporations, District Councils, and for private firms, amongst other contracts he has in hand at the present time, being a new waterworks and reservoir near Bristol, a large sewerage contract in Derbyshire, comprising the construction of 28 miles of main sewers, together with many miles of drain connections to private properties there.

Mr. Holloway is also well-known as a furniture remover, brake proprietor, and coal merchant, and in these trades has a reputation that is unsurpassed. His extensive Wolverhampton premises and chief office are situated on Bilston Road and Commercial Road. The widespread and various experience that Mr. Holloway has had enables him to deal with orders in the readiest style. An exceptionally fine connection is in his hands, and his merits fully entitle him to the high place he holds in his particular lines.

W. Hopcraft and Son, Stone, Granite, and Marble Works, Chapel Ash.

This firm has attained a leading position in their trade, in which they have been engaged in Wolverhampton for the past fifteen years.

The high character of the work executed by this firm is well known, not only in Wolverhampton, but for many miles around, while the skilful and satisfactory manner in which this firm executes all orders entrusted to them has been the means of a constantly increasing trade.

All kinds of work is done in marble headstones, tombs, etc., etc., Messrs. Hopcraft and Son, possessing ample premises for the conduct of their flourishing business. The premises include a very commodious yard, where may be seen all kinds of stone work in various stages, also a very smart showroom in which may be seen a choice selection of tile grates, marble chimney-pieces, hearth curbs, etc., of every description.

Messrs. Hopcraft and Son are vigorous and energetic in their endeavours to meet the demands of their numerous patrons, and all orders entrusted to them receive that attention which has always characterised the firm.

Thomas Howell, Woollen Merchant, Princess Street. Branches; 136 Queen Street, Glasgow. 7 Bradford Avenue, Red Cross Street, London, E. C.

Occupying an eminent position among the chief commercial houses in Wolverhampton, is the establishment of Mr. Thomas Howell, woollen merchant, in Princess Street. This now widely-known and highly prosperous business was founded in the year 1889 by the present proprietor, and has developed at a pace that gives the soundest evidence of a management of unusual strength and ability. The trade done extends to all parts of the United Kingdom and many countries abroad.

To carry on this extensive business a splendid four-storied block of premises are occupied in Princess street, and these have been specially constructed and arranged to suit the particular requirements of the trade in hand. Immense stocks of woollens, cloths, and tailors' trimmings of the very best and most reliable manufacture can be seen in the spacious showrooms and warehouses, and with the aid of a large and experienced staff of hands, Mr. Howell is enabled to guarantee the speedy despatch of all orders.

Buying direct from the mills and manufacturers, and having such a lengthy experience with the trade in all its bearings, he is enabled to compete in price with any firm in the country, for any, and every class of goods coming within the scope of his business. Mr. Howell gives the establishment his close personal supervision, and is unremitting in his endeavours to serve the best interests of customers. The business is certainly one of the most important commercial features of Wolverhampton, and its proprietor is to be congratulated upon the great success that has attended his honourable and enterprising exertions.

Enoch Howard, Steam Cooperage, Green Lane, Snow Hill. Telephone No, 7091.

The extensive establishment of Mr. Enoch Howard occupies a high rank among the local business enterprises in Wolverhampton. It was founded in 1846, and its career has been one of substantial progress.

The steam cooperage in Green Lane.

As a cooper and contractor for the supply of every description of packing casks, cases, boxes, etc., etc., Mr. Howard has long held a leading position in the town and district, and enjoys a reputation for turning out the most satisfactory work, whilst his connections extend over a wide area. The premises are situated in Green Lane, Snow Hill, and we find in connection therewith a large steam cooperage, the largest in Wolverhampton, built and equipped in a manner which at once stamps its proprietor as a gentleman thoroughly well acquainted with all the details and requirements of the business. There are six circular saws continually at work, and a large staff of experienced workmen assist in the execution of the highest order of work. 

Mr. Howard is also a general dealer in all kinds of empty packages, and hoop merchant, etc., of which he maintains a large stock. He is able to execute orders in the most prompt manner. Mr. Howard, who is also the head of the Pioneer Oil Company, is a capable and practical man of business, and has built up for himself valuable connections that are likely to grow.

S. lllidge and Son, General Brassfounders. Manufacturers of every description of Locks, and Makers of the "Nimbus" Cycles, Alexandra Foundry, Great Brickkiln Street, and Alexandra Street. Telegraphic Address: "Illidge, Wolverhampton." Telephone No. 7214.

The extensive business carried on by Messrs. S. Illidge and Son, as General Brassfounders, Lock and Cycle manufacturers, etc., is clearly entitled to prominent notice in this review, It was founded as long ago as 1826, and has had a career of prosperity clearly indicative of a management of unusual strength and ability.

This firm are general brassfounders, and among their numerous manufactures in this line may be mentioned: every description of cabinet, brass and iron pad, rim, mortise. and dead locks; combination, lever, and Bramah night latches; water closet, pulpit, shutter, pew, ships and other latches; flush and barrel bolts; sun blind furniture; rack, pulleys, sash and casement fasteners; brass butt hinges, cabin hooks, lifting and cash box handles, stable fittings, etc. They are also patentees of fanlight openers, indicating fasteners, the "Eclipse" sash fasteners, etc.

All these productions are in large demand, and are renowned for best quality of material, great utility and superior finish. Messrs. Illidge are, we believe, the only firm in the district who mix their own metals on the premises, hence they are most advantageously situated to ensure both uniform high quality and economy of production. Their works cover a considerable area of ground at the corner of Great Brickkiln and Alexandra Streets; they are of substantial construction, conveniently arranged throughout and equipped with all the requisite machinery and appliances of modern type.

Last year the firm embarked in the cycle manufacturing trade, building new works of a commodious character, and equipping the same with special improved machinery for carrying on all operations successfully, including the manufacture of component parts, plating, enamelling, etc. The name given to their cycles is the "Nimbus," and the large demand which already exists for these machines proves them to be equa1 in design, speed, light running, and high-grade quality to any in the market.

This firm manufactures ladies' and gentlemen's safeties, juvenile safeties, racers, roadsters, tricycles, and tandems, which are fitted with the best makes of tyres, gear cases, and saddles to order. The "Nimbus" is a thoroughly modern "mount" at a reasonable price, and is sure to gain in popularity as it becomes better known among cyclists of both sexes. Messrs. Illidge employ from 150 to 200 hands in the different departments of their business, and are admirably placed to execute all orders in the promptest style. For a business so excellently managed in every respect, we can safely predict continued success.

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