F. W. Paddey, Importer of Wines and Spirits, Snow Hill.

The wine and spirit trade has an enterprising representative in Wolverhampton in Mr. F. W. Paddey, who is well established in Snow Hill. Here he occupies premises specially adapted to the business, and possesses every facility for the proper conduct of a brisk trade. A valuable connection has been built up by Mr. Paddey, and his stock is without doubt one of the largest and best selected of its character in the town.

Among his specialities may be mentioned, Jameson's old Irish whiskeys. Moet's and Giesler's champagnes, the most noted brands of Scotch whiskeys, Hennessey's and Martell's brandies, Jamaica rums, London gins, clarets and burgundies, ports, sherries, etc. Agencies are held with the most noted brewers for ales, including the Anglo-Bavarian Co., Allsopps' Bass's Eversheds, Salt and Co., Watkins, Worthingtons, Gartons, and Russells; also for Guinness's stout, Herefordshire, American and Devonshire cider, Kop's ale, and mineral waters.

A price list for the guidance of patrons is supplied on application, from which it will appear that the prices which rule at this house will bear favourable comparison with those of any other establishment. It may be remarked in concluding, that Mr. Paddey has secured the good will of all who have dealings with him.

S. Cassin Pritchard and Co., Iron and Steel Merchants, Horseley Fields.

An extensive and widespread trade is done by Messrs S. Cassin Pritchard and Co., Iron and Steel Merchants, at their well appointed premises situated at Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton, where they hold every facility for conducting a highly important business in their particular connections. They maintain a select stock of iron and steel suitable for the many manufacturing requirements of the district and while offering the best qualities in each line, are known to be consistently low in prices, in fact, afford the best advantages to their numerous patrons.

On the Same premises these gentlemen conduct a highly important business under the name of the Anglo-American Handle Co., as manufacturers of Ash and Hickory hammer, pick, hatchet, and shovel handles. The same spirit of active and well-directed enterprise animates the conduct of each department and it only remains to add that the success achieved is commensurate with the ability displayed.

Presto Gear Case and Components Company, Limited, Frederick Street.

The Presto Gear Case and Components Company, Limited, recently known as The Presto Gear Case Company, is in the enjoyment of such favour from the cycling public, as to have necessitated the formation of a limited company to enable them to satisfactorily cope with the increasing demand for their gear cases and component parts, which are well-known and eagerly sought after throughout the whole extent of cycledom.

Contemporary with the formation of the new Company, large works have been erected and equipped on a scale and in a manner calculated to in every way fulfil the requirements which may be brought to bear upon this highly-popular firm. Perhaps the best-known production of this firm is the "Presto" gear case (Bate's patent, 1384), a gear case which combines all the advantages of others, whilst it is free from anyone of their various defects.

The most notable advantages of this gear case are perfect fit (they are easily fitted by two screws only, are detachable at will, the chain and chain wheels are accessible at any moment, secures freedom from vibration, does not reverberate the sound of the running chain, .is dust-proof, and does not look unsightly. Surely these are commendations which must force themselves upon all lovers of the "wheel" and it is these numerous advantages which have secured for the "Presto" gear case manufacturers such world-wide popularity.

In addition to this, the Presto Gear Case and Components Company, Limited, manufacture cycle accessories of every description, the quality and make of which secure for them a rapidly increasing demand. They are agents for Dunlop, Warwick, Beeston, and Clincher tyres, and keep large stocks of steel balls, tube nipples, etc. To attain such pre-eminence necessitates judicious and skilful management, considerable experience and tact, coupled with it practical knowledge of the requirements of the trade and their patrons, and it is to their thorough conception of the foregoing that the Presto Gear Case and Components Company Limited, owe their great popularity.

At their works in Frederick Street, a large number of hands are busily engaged in the manufacture of these cases and accessories, and this firm is an important factor among the industrial community of the township. A firm which has such a hold upon public favour as is enjoyed by the one under present review, is bound not only to sustain its present position, but to make a great headway.

Phillips and Jones, Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, 37 Queen Square and Cheapside.

It would be impossible to assign undue prominence to the establishment conducted by Messrs; Phillips and Jones, cabinet makers and upholsterers, as it is fully entitled to the foremost rank among the enterprises devoted to the general furnishing trade. Messrs. Phillips and Jones succeeded, some four years ago, to the business formerly carried on by Messrs. Sidney and Son, and it is no exaggeration to say that by their brilliant business abilities and well directed commercial enterprise, they have not only maintained the reputation of the concern but augmented it very considerably.

As designers and manufacturers of high-class furniture, artistic upholsterers and decorators, they have achieved conspicuous success and in each department of their varied business, they hold a premier position. The premises at 37 Queen Square consist of an elaborately equipped shop, possessing a fine frontage, three storeys in altitude, and two very large show windows, also well-appointed warehouses, show and stock rooms.

The stock maintained is extensive and comprehensive, and includes all the latest novelties in furniture, bedsteads, bedding, mattresses, carpets, rugs, curtains, household linen, soft goods in French tapestries, silks, cretonnes, Swiss and Guipure curtains, etc. Messrs. Phillips and Jones cannot be surpassed for drawing, dining, or bedroom suites, sideboards, and general cabinet work.

Parties, among all classes of the community desirous of furnishing or adding to their homes, will meet with advantageous terms at their emporium. The manufacturing is carried on at 36a Queen Square, where capital premises are held for the purpose, the soundest and most reliable materials are employed in addition to the best skilled workmanship. It is very gratifying to note the expansion of business due to the vigorous control exercised by the firm, whose connections are among the principal residents, not only of Wolverhampton, but the surrounding districts.

W. and J. Plant, manufacturers of Corkscrews, Boot hooks, Horse-clipping Machines, etc., etc., Bloomsbury Steel Toy Works, 105 Pool Street.

The Bloomsbury Steel Toy Works of Messrs. W. and J. Plant were established more than a hundred years ago, or to be exact, in l795 by the grandfather of the present owners, and have shown steady development from the first. The premises at 105 Pool Street are compact and well arranged, and suitable and efficient machinery is provided, the works affording every indication that a large and valuable trade is conducted under excellent conditions.

Messrs. Plant have a first-class reputation as manufacturers of all kinds of corkscrews, boot hooks, nut cracks, sugar, champagne, nail and other nippers, tweezers, key-rings, goffering irons, bell hangers, pliers, etc.; these goods being manufactured of superior materials by skilled workmen, so that for finish and all round quality they are deservedly famous.

This firm are patentees of the "Wulfruna" Corkscrew, which has a large sale; while another branch of their trade consists of the manufacture of horse clipping machines and repairs to same.

The high reputation which Messrs: Plant's goods enjoy is thoroughly merited, and the demand for them is a still expanding one.

The owners of the concern are capable and experienced men of business, and are to be complimented on the excellence of their productions.

Parkdale Cycle and Machine Tool Co., St. John's Square.

This firm manufacture the celebrated Parkdale cycles, and their productions hold an eminent position not only in the home markets, but also abroad. The large works are situated in St John's Square; the modern plant and machinery being on the most up-to date principles, and the productive powers of the concern are very large

The cycles manufactured by the Parkdale Cycle and Machine Tool Co. are of the highest grade, their make displaying an embodiment of all the latest improvements applied in the best possible manner. Their ladies' machines are of the latest design, and are very popular, being made with a nice dress clearance, which is very acceptable to the rider. Their No. 105 is a magnificent mount, and is the result of much time and study given during the recess.

The works have been greatly extended to meet increased demands, and the company are now enabled to give the most prompt delivery of orders. Agents would do well to communicate with this firm, whose goods are of the most reliable order. The Parkdale cycle fittings, saddles, gear cases, valises, etc., all display the same amount of excellent workmanship, best quality material, and elegant design, and bear silent testimony to the thought, care, and practical skill brought to bear in their manufacture.

By sheer enterprise and ability this firm has attained their present high position in the cycle world, and are deserving of the highest congratulation on the fact that not only have they been able to hold their own in the go ahead race for place, but they have made considerable strides, which can only be accomplished by the utmost energy and tact.

Thomas Rickhuss, Agricultural Engineer Implement Agent.

In reviewing some of the principal business enterprises of Wolverhampton, prominence is due to that of Mr. Thomas Rickhuss, of the Old Hall Implement Works, Garrick Street. It was founded by the present proprietor about five years back. Its management throughout has been marked by ability and enterprise, and there is no question that Mr. Rickhuss is well deserving of the substantial success he has achieved.

The premises occupied are of large dimensions, and it is obvious that no expense has been spared in laying down plant, and in every other way fitting up the establishment so as to achieve the best results in cost and speed of production. The aim of Mr. Rickhuss has always been to supply machinery and appliances manufactured from the best materials, and of sound workmanship, and in the introduction of any improvement carefully to avoid any complication of parts

He is prepared to supply on the shortest notice every kind of machine and appliance used in agriculture, and makes a speciality of repairs of every description. Experienced workmen are sent out any distance and it should be mentioned that Mr. Rickhuss has of late opened new and extensive show-rooms in Cleveland Road, next door to Theatre Royal. Here may be seen a splendid selection of agricultural machinery and implements, garden requisites, lawn mowers, garden rollers, garden seats, swings, and every description of garden tools, etc.

It should be mentioned that Mr. Rickhuss was awarded a Gold Medal at the Trades Exhibition, held in Wolverhampton, in the year 1893, and has since obtained certificates of merit at the Wolverhampton Floral Fetes of 1894 and 1896 for his exhibits. He has gained the respect of all who know him, and the further development of his business at a substantial pace is assured.

Richards' Beau Ideal Cycle Co., Ltd.

With the progress and development of the cycle industry, Wolverhampton is eminently distinguished, and a house to whom the town owes much of its distinction in this line is that carried on under the style of Richards' Beau Ideal Cycle Company, Limited, of Frederick Street, Heath Town. This business was founded by Mr. C. Richards, in the year 1880 Its progress during this period has been remarkable, and its operations have been attended by the greatest and most gratifying success.

The premises utilised at the address named are very extensive, built upon the latest and most approved principles, and comprise one of the most convenient and perfect works for economical production. Employment is found for a very large number of skilled operatives, and the system of supervision which pervades each department is most conducive to the production of the best class of work. This firm has introduced many improvements in cycles, and their "Beau Ideal" is now regarded as one of the most perfect and up-to-date machines manufactured.

It should be mentioned that the local showroom of this house is at Theatre Buildings, Lichfield Street, where a very attractive display is made, and as regards prices and terms, certainly no similar house offers better advantages to all classes of buyers. Another noteworthy feature is the promptitude with which all orders are executed, and it is obvious that no effort is spared in any direction by the management, to sustain the high reputation gained. The telegraphic address is "Wheels", Wolverhampton, and the telephone Nos. 7115 and 7169, for works and showrooms respectively.

James A. Rigby, Draper, Hosier, and Milliner, Worcester Street.

Wolverhampton is amply provided with representatives of the drapery and millinery trades, and a well-known name in this connection is that of Mr. James A. Rigby, who has for some years carried on a progressive trade in Worcester Street. The drapery and hosiery branches are conducted in premises at No. 19 and 20, and the millinery branch at No. 68, directly opposite.

The premises at the former address are large and commodious, very conveniently arranged, and suitably appointed. There are two capital show windows, in which the leading lines are set off to the best possible advantage, the effect being very attractive. The stock held is a strikingly complete one, including plushes, velvets, silks, and every description of dress materials, gloves, cuffs, collars, hosiery, furs, corsets, underclothing, and numberless articles coming under the head of fancy drapery. Seamless machine knit hosiery is a special feature, the hard-wearing qualities of these goods having become a household word.

The children also are well catered for in costumes, with hoods, hats, match pinafores, etc., many of which are made on the premises, and are roomy and well finished. At the millinery establishment the stock is also of an up-to-date character, and is continually being replenished with all the latest productions. At both establishments the profits are arranged on a cash basis, the proprietor finding this the best system, alike for himself and his customers, and that this is fully appreciated is proved by the fact that from the commencement, the business has grown at an unusual pace, and there is no question that it will continue to develop under its present proprietorship.

Reade Brothers and Company, Limited, Varnish Manufacturers. Telegraphic Address, " Reade", Wolverhampton. Telephone No. 7191.

One of the oldest enterprises conducted at Wolverhampton is that of Messrs. Reade Brothers and Company, Limited. It was founded in 1773, and has had an uninterrupted career of success to the present time. As manufacturers of varnishes of every description, this firm have a wide reputation, their goods holding a pre-eminent position for quality.

Among some of the productions we may mention as deserving special notice, are the finest carriage, body, copal, oak, crystal, and paper varnishes, pale maple, superfine copal, oak, and white enamel varnish, antique oak stain, French polish, white and brown hard spirit varnish for cabinet makers' work, liquid dryers, and a solution for damp walls, cellars, greenhouses, etc. In addition to the foregoing, we may also state a special feature of the business is that enamels for cycle manufacturers, both black and coloured, for which they have a large demand. They also manufacture on an extensive scale, varnishes for japanners, safe makers, bedstead manufacturers, and other metal trades.

A leading speciality of the business is an extra hard drying oak varnish for church seats. The extensive and well-appointed works are located at Monmore Green and Cleveland Road; the offices and warehouses form an exceptionally fine frontage, and every convenience and facility exists for conducting the important operations of the firm.

The business is enterprisingly conducted throughout, and reflects the highest credit upon the proprietors, who are to be congratulated on the success achieved. A large staff of hands finds constant employment in the various departments, and a perfect supervision obtains. The connections of the firm are very widespread and valuable, the superiority of their productions being recognised both at home and abroad, whilst their methods of transacting business cause them to be held in high estimation.

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