E. J. Jones, Provision Merchant, the Central Supply Stores, 9 High Street.

Amongst the leading houses in Wolverhampton for the supply of first class groceries and provisions, must be accounted that under the capable proprietorship of Mr. E. J. Jones, at 9 High Street, and extensively known as the Central Supply Stores. The concern was founded a considerable time ago, and has always maintained an excellent reputation. The premises occupied are large and handsomely appointed, every facility existing for the execution of orders with despatch.

The stock of provisions held is both large and select, including hams, bacon, cheese, butter, etc., derived from the best home and foreign resources; whilst special mention should be made of the choice blends of tea to be obtained from this establishment. It should not be overlooked that while every article offered is the best of its kind, prices are uniformly low. Mr. Jones's great experience gives him a decided advantage and enables him to offer the best terms to his many patrons.

F. Lindsay Jones, Builder and Contractor, Darlington Street.

Mr. F. Lindsay Jones is a well known and respected representative of the building trade in Wolverhampton. Established about five years ago, this gentleman has earned a reputation for thoroughly first-class work, and has proved himself fully able to cope with any description of building contract in the town or country.

His premises in Darlington Street are well adapted to all requirements, ample provision having been made for storage and workshops. Mr. Jones employs an adequate staff of experienced hands, and all work entrusted to him is carried out faithfully and expeditiously, and under his personal superintendence, none but thoroughly reliable materials being utilised. A capital connection has already been built up, and we can safely predict continued success for a business so ably managed.

W & A. Jeffs, Wholesale Grocers, Tea and Coffee Merchants, Druggists and Confectioners, 6 and 7 Tempest Street.

An excellent example of what can be done in a business sense by well-directed energy and enterprise, is afforded in Wolverhampton by the firm of Messrs. W. and A. Jeffs, who as wholesale grocers, etc., have since they started trading about eleven years ago, built up one of the largest concerns in this line to be met with in the Midland counties.

About four years ago, they came to their present especially commodious premises, which are numbered 6 and 7 in Tempest Street, and run through to Vane Street. Several blocks of buildings are utilised, divided into offices, warehouses and store rooms for the various departments of the trade, and other necessary purposes, the whole being compactly arranged and excellently organised. There are on hand here large and complete stocks of all kinds of grocery goods, a leading line being represented by teas and coffees; while in the other branches of Messrs. Jeffs' trade, that is, as druggists and confectioners, they can show an equally varied assortment.

This firm are in close touch with leading sources of supply, and being extensive buyers, can command terms that are not always obtainable. They have never, however, believed in sacrificing quality for the sake of cheapness, and throughout their stock uniform high quality is plainly noticeable. They possess ample facilities for the prompt and regular delivery of orders, and customers know from past experience that the greatest care is devoted to the execution of their commands.

Messrs. W. and A. Jeffs give their close and personal attention to their trade, and have had much experience in all departments of their business, these facts having no doubt a considerable bearing on the eminent position which they have attained in the lines of commerce mentioned. Their success has indeed been pronounced, and the future will, we should prophecy, be attended with augmented prosperity.

Kemp and Wilcox, Jewellers and Goldsmiths, 22 Queen Square.

The notable business controlled by Messrs. Kemp and Wilcox, jewellers and goldsmiths, at 22 Queen Square, is certainly one of the most reliable and popular of its character in Wolverhampton. It likewise ranks as one of the oldest. The premises occupied are four-storied in construction, and are arranged throughout in an admirable manner. The shop is spacious, elegantly fitted up, and has a large plate glass show window, of which every advantage is taken to make an effective display.

The proprietors are gentlemen of long practical experience in every detail of the business, and are in touch with the most noted and reliable manufacturers, thereby being in a position to guarantee every article, and to sell at most reasonable prices. Their stock, which is always exceptionally large and varied, embraces every description of clocks and timepieces, gold and silver watches, rings of all kinds, and an infinite variety of fine gold and sterling silver jewellery, for both ladies’ and gentlemen’s wear, also new and antique silver plate, electro plate, bronzes, Dresden. Sevres, and old china.

The stock is without doubt one of the most costly and complete in the town, and the customer would be fastidious indeed who failed to get suited at this establishment. It may be of interest to state that the firm are licensed valuers for probate duty, and undertake all kinds of repairs. A high class connection has been built up, which, under the present management, should continue to develop at a steady and gratifying pace.

Henry John Law and Son, manufacturers of Files, Rasps, Vices, Cast Steel Hammers, and General Hardware Merchants; patentees and manufacturers of a special Screw Driver for Cycle Work, Victoria File Works, Merridale Street. Telephone No. 7187.

Another conspicuous firm in the manufacturing circles of Wolverhampton is that of Messrs. Henry John Law and Son, whose productions are held in the highest repute wherever they are known. This business was established in 1860, and has been ably and energetically conducted from the first. The Victoria File Works in Merridale Street, occupied by Messrs. Law and Son, are very well adapted to their requirements; and in the matter of machinery and plant the firm are most adequately equipped.

The goods for which they are noted are files, rasps, vices, and cast steel hammers, and the huge demand that exists for these articles is conclusive evidence as to their merits, which are unsurpassed. Files and vices are re-cut and warranted equal to new, and all orders are promptly dealt with, a goodly number of hands being employed.

Messrs. Law and Son are patentees and manufacturers of a special Screw Driver for cycle work, for which they are experiencing a large and increased demand. They also carry on the business of general hardware merchants, and the support accorded to them both as manufacturers and merchants is most gratifying, showing as it does that the quality of their goods and their methods of trading are thoroughly acceptable to their customers.

Joseph Lawrence, Wine and Spirit Merchant, North Street.

Probably, the town of Wolverhampton has no better representative of the wine and spirit trade, than Mr. Joseph Lawrence, who possesses extensive offices and stores in North Street. The enterprise, which is conducted splendidly throughout, has been in the hands of Mr. Lawrence for the past thirty years, and consequently, a ripened experience and judicious care is brought into requisition. The greatest discrimination is exercised in the selection of wines and spirits, none but the best importations being represented.

Mr. Lawrence's ports, sherries, champagne, madeira, clarets, marsala, hocks, moselle, and Burgundy are the products of the best foreign vintages, and the spirits he supplies are of the best recognised brands, and are equally well selected. He also supplies foreign cigars of the most famous brands, particulars of which may be obtained from the catalogue and list, to be obtained on application.

An extensive trade is also done in ales and stout, Bass's pale ale, Dublin and other stouts in bottles, Salt's celebrated strong and light dinner ale, Imperial stout, and in Bernard's Scotch bitter. A very widespread family trade is done in each department, and we may mention that Mr. Lawrence is the proprietor of the following hotels in Wolverhampton, viz.: the "Blue Ball", Bilston Street, "Chequer Ball", North Street, "Board Inn", Queen Square, "Graisley Brook", Penn Road, "Mitre", Cleveland Street, "Wellington", North Road, "Horse and Jockey", Bilston Street; and in Birmingham he owns the "Grand Turk", Hockley Hill, the "Dog and Partridge", Moseley Street, and the "Cannon Hill Hotel", Balsall Heath.

Thus it will be seen that his operations cover a large area, and necessitate the maintenance of an exceptionally extensive stock. He devotes his best energies to give the utmost gratification to his numerous patrons, and there is no doubt that he is eminently successful.

D. Lewis, Picture Moulding Importer, Glass Dealer, Mount Cutter and Picture Frame Manufacturer, Berlin House, 13 Snow Hill.

The enterprise under notice, conducted by Mr. D. Lewis so successfully for the last twenty five years, is of an important and valuable character. Mr. Lewis does an extensive trade, wholesale and retail, as a picture frame manufacturer, mount cutter and dealer in glass. He is the oldest wholesale dealer in this line in Wolverhampton. Frames are made to order in every description of English and foreign moulding, and mounts are cut in every conceivable design.

Mr. Lewis is a large importer of foreign mouldings and his stock is both large and select. He also maintains a good stock of picture glass. His premises are located at Snow Hill and comprise two well-appointed shops, No. 11a being devoted to the wholesale, and No. 13 to the retail trade. An inviting display is made in the handsome windows of each department. It must not be overlooked that whilst material and workmanship is of the highest quality, Mr. Lewis is noted for being most reasonable in his charges. He devotes all his talents to the business and his success is certainly well deserved.

Lewis and Swindley, House Decorators, Plumbers, etc., 73 Darlington Street.

This business is one of the oldest of its kind in the town, and has all along enjoyed a very prosperous trade of the best description. The firm has established a reputation for executing the very best class of work, and now find their services in constant requisition by the best circles of patronage in the town and district. They undertake every description of sanitary plumbing, hot and cold water engineering, decorating, painting, paperhanging, etc.

They employ a large staff of skilled workmen, and are prepared to execute all orders in the speediest possible manner, and at most moderate charges. Every department of the business receives the proprietors' personal supervision, and so long as it is conducted on the same energetic, able, and enterprising lines as hitherto, so long will it continue to maintain its leading and influential position among similar concerns in the town and district.

W. H. Manley, R.P.C., Plumber, Sanitary Engineer, etc., 164 Penn Road.

As an exponent of his particular branch of trade, it would be impossible to fix upon a better choice than Mr. W. H. Manley, R.P.C., who is authorised plumber to the Wolverlmmpton water works. He occupies very suitable premises at 164, Penn Road, where is possessed every facility for conducting a large and high-class trade, and for the maintenance of the necessary stock, which embraces every requisite for the different branches of trade carried on.

Mr. Manley undertakes to fix and repair hydraulic, force and lift pumps, baths, closets, urinals, hot and cold water apparatus, and every kind of sanitary arrangements, all on the most improved principles. He employs none but efficient workmen, whom he is prepared to send any distance on the shortest notice, and in all his charges will be found to be most reasonable, the public appreciation of this fact being shown by the widespread support accorded him.

Mr. Manley has received many excellent testimonials from gentlemen, architects, builders, and others, for whom he has done work, and in looking over these we find that all speak in the highest terms of his ability to execute thoroughly sound and reliable work.

William Mills, Grocer, Baker, Confectioner, etc., sole maker in the district of "Bermaline" Bread, Worcester Street, and at Ashland Street and Pelham Street.

One of the best known names in connection with the baking and confectionery trade in Wolverhampton is that of Mr. William Mills, for it is now fully a quarter of a century since he first commenced in business. In Worcester Street he has a capital establishment devoted chiefly to the bread and confectionery trade, while at the corner of Ashland Street and Pelham Street he has a large shop splendidly stocked with groceries, provisions, bread, confectionery, etc.

Here, also is situated the extensive steam bakery - the largest in Wolverhampton, from which is turned out bread, cakes, etc., unsurpassed for purity, whiteness, and uniform excellent quality. The "Bermaline" bread, for which Mr. Mills has the sole right or manufacture in the town, is produced here; and to supply the large and widespread circle of customers in Wolverhampton and district a good number of vehicles and horses are daily employed.

At both establishments the stock held is always fresh and first-class in quality, whilst the prices in each department of the business are as low as can he found at any similar house in the town. We may mention that the business on the corner of Ashland Street and Pelham Street has only been opened about six months, but has already attracted a flattering and substantial share of patronage. Mr. Mills gives the entire trade his close personal attention, and certainly leaves no effort untried to serve the best interests of his numerous customers.

Robert Murdoch, Engineer, Machine Tool Maker, Church Lane.

Another business enterprise calling for notice in this review, is that recently acquired by Mr. Robert Murdoch, engineer and machine tool maker. It was formerly under the control of Mr. W. Tolman, the present proprietor taking over the possession about six months back. The compact and suitable premises are known as "Church Lane Engineering Works," and are replete with machinery and appliances of the best type.

As an engineer, Mr. Murdoch is kept constantly busy, and the sound and reliable features of his work are at the basis of the valuable connection built up. Tools of every description are made, repaired, and fitted to all kinds and classes of machines on the shortest notice, and in all work undertaken, Mr. Murdoch guarantees first-class workmanship, durability, and moderate charges. Consequently, he is highly esteemed by all who have business relations with him.

Mulliner and Co. (Proprietors, J. T. Mulliner, and Jos. Southall) Lithographic and Letterpress Printers, Export Stationers, Paper Merchants, and Cardboard Box Manufacturers, Head Offices and Works, St. James Square. Branch Offices at Liverpool and Leicester.

A business of very high standing in connection with the Printing and Stationery trade in Wolverhampton is that of Messrs. Mulliner and Co., and its history since its founding in the year 1830, furnishes an admirable example of well deserved commercial prosperity. This firm are general lithographic and letterpress printers, export stationers, paper merchants and manufacturers of paper bags and cardboard boxes of every description.

Their great speciality is the production of labels for wine and spirit merchants, mineral water makers, brewers, match manufacturers, hardware merchants and manufacturers generally, and in this branch they are well-known throughout the Kingdom and abroad. They turn out none but the best designed and finished work at lowest consistent prices, and are in receipt of a custom of great value.

They manufacture, in large quantities, all kinds of cardboard boxes for all trades (round, square, or oval) and in this line are noted for the thoroughly reliable character of all their productions. As export stationers, Messrs. Mulliner and Co. are favourably placed to compete successfully with any firm in the trade for all classes of stationery.

The works are large and commodious and equipped with the most modern machinery and appliances to ensure the rapid execution of all orders at lowest prices. In the various departments the firm gives employment to a large number of hands. Both Messrs. Mulliner and Southall give the business their most personal attention, and are indefatigable in their endeavours to meet the wishes of their numerous patrons. It is evident that this business is under the most able management, and its continued prosperity is fully assured.

J. Nicholls and Sons, Wood Turners, Timber Merchants, etc., Cleveland Wood Turning and Saw Mills, All Saints Road.

A business of great antiquity and of considerable importance in Wolverhampton, is that known as the Cleveland Wood Turning Works and Saw Mills, which is located in All Saints Road. This concern was established in 1773 by an ancestor of the present proprietors; thus, it will be seen that for the long period of over l20 years this business has had one continual spell of success.

The premises are conveniently situated in All Saints Road, and are exceedingly commodious throughout, while the machinery, driven by a gas engine, is of the most approved type, and calculated to answer all requirements of this flourishing business. Besides being timber merchants on a large scale, the firm undertakes all kinds of table, sofa, and chair legs, and cabinet turning, hammer stails, pike helves, mallet, file, bowl, scoop, barrow, and all kinds of hurdles, pastepins, dollys, washing machine rollers, newells, banisters, and all builders' turning, soft and hard wood turning of every description to order: ladders, wheelbarrows, and stone turning is a speciality of the firm who also undertake circular and band sawing.

A very large quantity of red and white deals, match boards, flooring, and moulding, etc., is always maintained, and the greatest reliance can be placed upon the excellence of all the articles they offer. Messrs. Nicholls and Sons have gained a reputation for supplying the best goods at the most reasonable prices, of executing their orders in the most prompt and efficient manner, and moreover, are most courteous in all their dealings. The concern is very flourishing, and its esteemed and energetic owners are to be congratulated upon the fact.

John Gough Noake, Builders' Merchant, Lath Cleaver and Horticultural Sundriesman, 48 and 49 Darlington Street, Salop Street, Albany Road, Horsman Street, and Waterloo Wharf, Commercial Road.       Telegrams: John Gough Noake, Wolverhampton. Telephone No. 7226.

One of the largest and most important business concerns in the town of Wolverhampton is that conducted by Mr. John Gough Noake, builders' merchant, lath cleaver, horticultural sundriesman etc. This concern was founded in 1850, and its progress has been of the most solid and substantial character; a result only commensurate with the great ability and well-directed enterprise displayed in its management.

Before enumerating the many classes of goods and materials dealt in, we will give some idea of the premises occupied. At 48 and 49 Darlington Street the premises consist of extensive stores, warehouse accommodation, showrooms, offices and yard, and the frontage is both imposing and attractive in appearance. The branch depots at Salop Street, Albany Road and Horsman Street are large and convenient for all purposes, and there is an extensive wharf at Commercial Road with excellent canal communication.

At each address the premises are admirably arranged, and the greatest order is observable in the arrangement of the many classes of wares; consequently, there are the best facilities existing for inspection, and all orders can be promptly executed. Mr. Noake deals in every description of building materials; including red, white and blue bricks of all kinds; coping, cornice and plinth bricks; quarries, tiles, window sills, pier caps, kiln tiles, statuary and medallions, and terracotta ware in great variety; fire bricks, burrs, and quarries, glazed bricks and tiles of all colours, Dutch tiles, Minton floor tiles, hearth tiles, fender kerbs and enamelled slate chimney pieces; ranges, grates, etc. Day's, Duckett's, Oats and Green's, Rimmer's and others waste water closets; lavatories, pump troughs, baths and flushing cisterns; Hellyers, Weaver's, Buchan's, Kenon's, Dean's, Broad's and every speciality in ventilating, intercepting and grease traps; slates and tiles of all kinds, blue and red finials, laths, cement, plaster, hair, colours, varnishes, oils, whiting, dryers, etc. Bituminous inodorous felt, fibrous plaster, centre flowers and plaster figures; chimney tops, sheet lead and roofing felts, pallisades and gates, iron wall coping, barrows, riddles, screens, brick mats, lock furniture of all kinds, timber of all kinds, flooring and matched boards, etc., and in fact every description of materials, tools, etc., required by builders and others.

Mr. Noake is sole agent for the county of Stafford for Callender's Pure Bitumen Dampcourse, which is acknowledged to be unsurpassed for resisting damp, moisture, water, pressure and temperature. It contains no coal-tar or pitch. This dampcourse has been used in many important works in the kingdom and has given the greatest satisfaction. Prices and samples can be had on application. Mr. Noake is also agent for Purimachos Fire Cement, which is known and used in all parts of the world, also a special dentists' plaster, for which he is well known amongst the principal dentists of the United Kingdom.

The Horsman Street depot is set apart for storing horticultural sundries, and here a great variety of goods may be seen, embracing the following:-

Every description of flower pots, seakale, orchid, tomato, vine and fern pots; plain and ornamental orchid pans, seed pans, orchid baskets, saucers, vases, pedestals, statuary, mignonette and window boxes, hanging baskets, hanging vases, rustic flower pots, tree stumps, rustic branch pots, wall pots, garden tiles, fountains, garden seats, garden and restaurant tables, garden arches, garden rollers, rhubarb pots, wheelbarrows, riddles, watering cans, buckets, spades, shovels, forks, etc.; also wall nails, chrysanthemum and dahlia sticks, labels, etc.; guano, bone meal, nitrate of soda, sulphate of ammonia and other fertilizers, agricultural salt, agricultural pipes, gypsum blocks, spar, tufa, virgin cork, red ashes, raffia, archangel mats, sphagnum moss, mushroom spawn, rock plants, herbacious plants, ferns, greenhouse plants, trees, cuttings, blooms, etc., and all kinds of horticultural requirements.

Also pigeon nest pans, rabbit and dog troughs, fowl and pigeon fountains, pigeon feeders, fowl saucers, etc.; umbrella stands, general glazed stoneware for all purposes; acid taps, funnels, bottles, etc.; muffles, retorts, and general stone and fire clay ware used in acid and chemical works and laboratories. Practical men are sent out for pruning, vine dressing, and general garden work to any distance.

For all the goods enumerated Mr. Noake is intimate with the chief manufacturing centres, and as he buys direct in large quantities, he is enabled to sell at lowest possible prices. His trade is very extensive, and over all details of the business he exercises a close personal supervision.

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