The Newmarket

It opened in 1849, the first licensee being Thomas Lancaster who stayed there until 1870. It was initially known as The New Market Tavern but by the late 1870s had become a commercial hotel called The New Market Hotel, with a stable at the rear.

It was popular with local magistrates who held a number of inquests there. By the early 1900s it was known as The Newmarket Inn. It closed in the 1990s and was demolished in 2015.

The Newmarket, next to the old bus depot, then called the Big Garage.

The Newmarket in 2001.

The Newmarket in 2009.

Another view from 2009.

The rear of The Newmarket in 2001.

Another view from 2001.

The small building at the rear, seen in 2001.

A closer view of the rear building, also from 2001.

Inside the rear building.

The rear of The Newmarket in 2009 after it had been tidied-up.

The New Cleveland Club

A members only club that was known as Cleveland Working Men's Club, then Cleveland Road Working Men's Club, and finally The New Cleveland Club. The building, the Newmarket next door and the cafe were acquired by Tesco as part of a supermarket development that was abandoned in 2015. The empty buildings were used by squatters who could easily break-in. Things came to a head in 2012 when one of them was murdered in the club's cellar. Tesco decided that the buildings should be demolished and the land sold-off. Demolition took place in 2015.

The New Cleveland Club and the cafe in 2001.

The same view in May 2009 when the buildings were derelict.

Another view from 2009.

A similar view from 2001.

The Venture Cafe. As seen in 2001. It was previously known as The B & T Cafe.

The buildings in August 2013.

A final view of the buildings looking towards the Dixons building.

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