Waterloo Road

Waterloo Road was an elegant Victorian suburb which contained a large number of distinguished buildings. Unfortunately many of them have fallen into a state of disrepair and have now disappeared as the road slowly changed from dignified housing to commercial properties. The last major changes took place in the 1970's and David Clare was on hand to record them.
WATERLOORD3.jpg (35319 bytes)
This photograph was taken a little while before the fine town house in the centre was demolished

The scene after demolition. The high quality of the original housing can be seen in the remaining buildings.
WATERLOORD7.jpg (36017 bytes)
WATERLOORD12.jpg (16288 bytes)

I've included these two photographs which I have taken recently to show how well the two remaining buildings have survived since the original photographs were taken.
WATERLOORD13.jpg (16998 bytes)
WATERLOORD4.jpg (30896 bytes) These delightful houses once faced the splendid villas which were a feature of Wadham's Hill.
The same houses today. I've taken this photograph to show how little has changed externally since the previous photograph was taken.

The main differences are the chimneys which have been lowered, and some of the windows replaced.

WATERLOORD11.jpg (27736 bytes)
WATERLOORD10.jpg (32728 bytes) Another scene that hasn't changed in twenty seven years.

It must have looked very similar when the houses were built.

Another fine house disappears. Here it is in the early stages of demolition. WATERLOORD8.jpg (37541 bytes)
WATERLOORD9.jpg (31395 bytes) The same scene a few days later as the house slowly disappears.
The fine house on the left was shortly to disappear.
WATERLOORD6.jpg (29077 bytes)
The same house during demolition. WATERLOORD5.jpg (30730 bytes)
WATERLOORD1.jpg (36919 bytes)
Luckily this fine terrace has survived completely unscathed, and is now listed.
Some of the original Victorian elegance remains in the surviving buildings. WATERLOORD2.jpg (41520 bytes)

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