Compton Forge in 1974.
The view looking across the canal towards Compton Forge in the early 1970s, when the bridge was being renovated.
Trinity Methodist Church was on Compton Road at the corner of Crawford Road. It was built in 1862 by George Bidlake and opened the following year. The church survived until the mid 1970s.
Another view of the church looking along Compton Road towards Crawford Road.
The view of the church from Crawford Road looking towards Compton Road.

Trinity Church memorial stone.    

The fine row of Georgian town houses which extend from number 12 to number 34 Compton Road. They were built around 1830 and are now listed buildings.

This view of the terrace was taken in the mid 1970s at a time when the houses were being restored by Peter Maddox.

A final view of the terrace. On the right is the premises of Bernard Hughes and Son, Chartered Surveyors and Estate agents.

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