Piper's Row was possibly named after John Pippard who was the St. Peter's Church Chaplain in the 15th century. At this time St. Peter's had 4 chapels in the south transept, one of which was called Piper's Chapel. Piper's Row ran along the side of Piper's Croft and Piper's Meadow. In the 18th century it was called London Row.

The photograph shows the northern end of Piper's Row where it joined Victoria Square.

The northern end of Piper's Row. The shop on the corner was an amusement arcade and the pub was the Little Swan which also had an entrance around the corner in Horseley Fields.
The same view from further along the street. Across the road is the Wolverhampton Heating Company and the G & S Fireplace Company who sold gas fires.
The view in the opposite direction, just before demolition.
The view looking along Piper's Row towards Victoria Square. On the right is the Mitchell's and Butlers Barley Mow pub and next door but one is the Curry Centre, which was a licensed Indian restaurant.
The same view from the corner of Tower Street. On the left is Sankey's bathroom and D.I.Y. centre.
The view further down Piper's Row looking north. The building opposite was the premises of Wolverhampton Plastics. The company sold plastic sheeting and produced signs to order.
Looking up Piper's Row from Bilston Street. On the left is the Blue Ball pub.
Some of the shops that were demolished to make way for the Bilston Street Police Station.

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