Wolverhampton changed dramatically in the 1970's and many buildings and even streets disappeared forever. Much of the remaining run-down Victorian terraced housing was demolished and the western end of Horseley Fields was removed to make way for the ring road. The eastern side of Piper's Row disappeared under the new bus station and the law courts. Most of the western side was demolished to make way for the new police station and a car park. 

Local photographer David Clare recorded the old street scenes before they were lost. It is thanks to him that we can look back at them and remember old Wolverhampton. These are some more of his excellent photographs which not only faithfully portray the local landscape but also capture the atmosphere of the town.


City Centre


St. Marks Road


Great Brickkiln Street


Horseley Fields


Compton Road


Piper's Row

Please note: David Clare holds the copyright for these images. Unauthorised sale or publication of the images is expressly forbidden without prior consent.

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