Faces Part One

The Mayor and Mayoress of Wednesbury.

Councillor Isaiah Oldbury was born at Wednesbury, in May, 1840. For twenty five years he has been engaged in various public capacities, and is at present a member of the County Council, Town Council, School Board, Chairman of the Wigmore Schools Management Board, and a Borough Magistrate. Elected Mayor November, 1896, and has taken great interest in the local celebration of the Diamond Jubilee. Married at the age of twenty the daughter of Mr. J. B. Halford, who is at the present time a popular Mayoress. Founder and proprietor of the Reliance Coach Ironworks. A Wesleyan and a Liberal.


Mr. & Mrs. Walford Green.

Mr. Walford Green, M.P., was born at Ealing, Kent, August 24th, 1869, being the son of the Rev. Walford Green, ex-President of the Wesleyan Conference, and grandson of Mr. Thomas Davis, ironmaster, of Hill Top. Educated at The Leys School and at Cambridge University; is a Member of the Inner Temple. Successfully contested Wednesbury Borough in the Unionist interest at the General Election in July, 1895. Married in May, 1896, Miss Carpenter, daughter of Mr. C. F. Carpenter, of Bishopsteignton, South Devon.


Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Lloyd.

Mr. Wilson Lloyd was born in Wood Green, Wednesbury, in 1835, his father being the late Mr. Samuel Lloyd. Has been closely connected with the trade of the district all his lifetime, and has taken an active share in public work. In 1874 he was made Chairman of the School Board, which office he held for three years, and about the same time he was a member of the Local Board. Married in 1883, a daughter of Dr. Underhill, of West Bromwich, who has since proved a valuable coadjutor in the public work undertaken by her husband, and was (1888-90) the most popular Mayoress Wednesbury has had. Mr. Lloyd continues as Alderman, but the distinguishing features of his career will always remain his electoral battles and his connection with the House of Commons during two Parliaments, as first Conservative Member for Wednesbury.


Alderman Richard Williams, J.P.   Alderman J. A. Kilvert.

Born at Liverpool, on 3rd January, 1817, and came to Wednesbury in September, 1844, to Brunswick Works. His life has been one of ceaseless activity, and, as Managing Director of the Patent Shaft and Axletree Company (retiring in 1883), Chairman of the Local Board for twenty years, and first Mayor. He has done a great work for the town, and recently celebrated his eightieth birthday by munificence to the poor of all creeds.

Born near Shrewsbury in 1833, educated at Highcall Grammar School, enlisted at the age of seventeen in the 11th Hussars, and was in the Crimean War. He married and came to Wednesbury in 1861, and has shared in public work ever since. As a survivor of Balaclava, he is honoured by all sections of the community.


Councillor John Knowles, J.P.   Mr. W. H. Lloyd, J.P.
Born in Bridge Street, Wednesbury, January, 1826. Commenced business in 1850 as a maker of fittings, and is now one of the principal manufacturers in the trade. Married in 1846, and is a widower with a large grown-up family. Has had a long public career, the offices he has held including those of Overseer, Churchwarden, and membership of the Board of Guardians, Wigmore Schools Management Board, Local Board, and School Board. He is at the present time Town Councillor and Borough Magistrate. Admirably served as Mayor of the Borough 1894-96. For thirty years one of the local leaders of the Conservative party.
Born at Wood Green, Wednesbury, October, 1839, the fourth son and youngest child of Samuel and Mary Lloyd. Educated at Friends' schools at York and Tottenham. Has been Mayor for Wednesbury twice (1892-94), and is a Borough Magistrate. Is Life Governor of three Birmingham Hospitals, and a valued supporter of many religious, charitable, and educational establishments. Married, September, 1895, to Miss Churnside, of Rugby. In politics, a Conservative. Unfortunately for Wednesbury Mr. Lloyd is about to leave Hall Green to reside at Edgbaston.
Mr. John Hunt Thursfield, J.P.   Mr. Alfred Elwell, J.P., C.A.

One of the oldest and most honoured inhabitants of Wednesbury. Born at Church Hill in 1826; was admitted a solicitor in 1848, and joined his uncle, Mr. Charles Hunt, in the practice which still exists as the important firm of Thursfield and Messiter. Was for forty years Clerk to the County Justices, and since his retirement has been placed on the Bench. Strongly attached to the Church of England, and a generous supporter of the Conservative cause. His Mayoralty (1890-92) was marked by the opening of the Art Gallery.

Born December 29th, 1845, educated at Leamington College, and went direct from there into his present business at Wednesbury Forge, one of the oldest manufactories of edge tools in the world. Married in 1873 a daughter of the Rev. William Thorn, of Worcester. County Magistrate since 1872, Borough Magistrate from the first, member of the Local Board (1878-81), County Alderman since the constitution of the Council. Formerly a Liberal, now a Unionist, but not a keen politician. Has contributed largely to church work.
Mr. A. E. Pritchard, J.P.   Mr. G. S. Guy, J.P., C.C.

Is the eldest surviving son of Mr. Thomas Pritchard, and since the retirement of his father in 1887, proprietor of the South Staffordshire Patent Tube Works. He was born at Wednesbury, on Dec. 10th, 1859. From 1886 to 1896 was a member of the Town Council and rendered invaluable service as Chairman of the Finance Committee. Married in 1887 Miss Amy Knowles, daughter of the ex-Mayor. Sits on the Borough Bench. He is a prominent Conservative and a consistent Churchman.


Born October 27th, 1836, at Nottingham, his father being a lace manufacturer. Came to Wednesbury in 1854 as cashier to the late Mr. J. J. Russell, founder of the Crown Tube Works, and is now Chairman and Managing Director of the concern, which has become probably the largest of its kind in the world. Has been twice married, a County Councillor since 1888, a County Magistrate since 1891, and a Borough Magistrate since the erection of the Bench. A Churchman and a Conservative.

Mr. Edward Smith.   Mr. George Rose, M.A.
Founder and proprietor of the Brunswick Tube Works, Wednesbury.







The present Town Clerk of Wednesbury was born at Moxley in October 1852, where his father Mr. David Rose was an ironmaster in a large way of business. He was educated at Wolverhampton and Pembroke College, Oxford. Was articled to Mr. W. H. Duignan, of Walsall, in 1877, "admitted" in 1880, became the partner of Mr. Joseph Smith in 1882, and in 1888 succeeded that gentleman in the Town Clerkship. Married in 1878 a daughter of Mr. Duignan. Mr. Rose is greatly respected, and his late serious illness has evoked universal sympathy.


Mr. John Chilwell.


Councillor Handley.

Was born March 14th, 1849, at Swepstone, Leicestershire. Came to Wednesbury as a journeyman grocer in 1870, and three years later commenced the business which he has successfully carried on ever since. Married in 1873 a daughter of the late Mr. Benjamin Knowles, of Church Hill. Has been a member of the School Board since 1889, and has served as Overseer of the Poor, People's Warden at the Parish Church, Chairman of the Conservative Club, of the Wednesbury Grocers' Association, and Hon. Sec. to the local branch of the Missions to Seamen. For charities an organiser and a worker.


Born January 2nd, 1844, in the house in which he still resides and carries on the butcher's business, founded by his father in 1832. Is unmarried, the management of the household being in the hands of his two sisters. Succeeded Councillor Perry as a representative of Town Hall Ward in November, 1889, and his re-election has never once been challenged. Is Chairman of the Art Gallery Committee, a member of the established church, and a staunch Conservative. In the very near future Councillor Handley will worthily and deservedly occupy the Mayoral chair in his native town.


Councillor Sheldon.


Mr. E. M. Scott.

Was born at Gold's Green, November 29th, 1857, and came to Wednesbury three years later, his father having built the Great Western Hotel in this town. Has represented the Town Hall Ward since 1893. Is a prominent member of the Licensed Victuallers' Association, a well-known Friendly Society worker, a churchman, and a Conservative.



Born at Sheffield in 1846. Entered the office of Mr. William Horton, Architect, Wednesbury, in 1860, and remained there until 1885, being during the last seven years a partner in the firm. Held the position of Surveyor to Darlaston Local Board for fifteen years. Appointed in 1885 Surveyor to the Wednesbury Local Board. In addition to being Borough Surveyor, Mr. Scott is at the present time Honorary Captain of the Fire Brigade, People's Warden at St. John's Church, and a prominent freemason.


Councillor C. W. D. Joynson, J.P.


Councillor  B. W. Spittle.

Born at King's Hill, February 5th, 1862. Was in partnership, at the age of 19, with a Liverpool architect. Commenced to practice in Wednesbury in 1883, and his professional skill and reputation are alike of a high degree. Has been, since 1887, a member of the Town Council, and has rendered valuable service, particularly in his capacity as Chairman of the Sewerage and Outfall Works Committee. Married in 1886 the daughter of Mr. W. Billingsley. Is a prominent Wesleyan, one of the leaders of Liberalism in the Borough, and the youngest Borough Magistrate.


Born in Trouse Lane, Wednesbury, thirty seven years ago. Has figured largely in the world of mechanics as an inventor, and is a skilled draughtsman and cartoonist. Is a partner in one or two colliery companies. Elected in 1894 a member of the Town Council, and works hard for his Ward. Was the means of establishing the reading rooms at King's Hill and Moxley, and, in conjunction with the other representatives of the Ward, successfully advocated the claims of King's Hill in the matter of a recreation ground. Is a Conservative, and has long been actively associated with the party.

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