Fullwood Tyres - Football Team Connections

James Treen Fullwood; his family and the business he founded
By David Fullwood

Football Team Connections

James Treen Fullwood, according to his obituary in the Express & Star dated 12 June 1939, played football for St Clutha and Stafford Road F.C. Stafford Road F.C. was a railway works football team started by their works manager - Charles Crump in 1876. Read an article about this from the Wolverhampton Railway Gazette.

The photograph on the left of James Treen Fullwood was taken around 1884. Could he be in his St. Clutha or Stafford Road F.C. football kit?
The obituary on the right reads as follows:

Mr. J. T. Fullwood's Death

For Over 30 Years In Tyre Trade

The death occurred on Saturday at home, 11 Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, of Mr. James Treen Fullwood, aged 74.

Mr. Fullwood was one of the best known tyre distributors in the Midlands, being senior director of both the Staffordshire Tyre Company Limited, Wolverhampton, and the Shropshire Tyre Company Limited, Shrewsbury, and also the proprietor of Modern Tyre Service, Walsall. His connection with the tyre trade lasting over 30 years.

The Staffordshire Motor Tyre Company Limited was founded by Mr. Fullwood in 1907 in premises in Queen Square, Wolverhampton, and later the business moved to Chapel Ash. From a modest beginning, these premises have in the last 25 years been extended into one of the largest tyre service stations in the country. All of the late Mr. Fullwood's businesses have been for some years managed by his sons.

Mr. Fullwood was keenly interested in sport and played for the St. Clutha F.C. and afterwards for Stafford Road F.C. When with the latter club his partner at full-back was the late Dick Baugh, who became one of the best known players that ever wore Wolves' colours. Mr. Fullwood was a very keen supporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers from the early years of the club, until his illness just before Christmas prevented him from regular attendance. He had a host of reminiscences about local football incidents and personalities.

He leaves a widow, four sons and four daughters. One son, Mr. H. T. Fullwood is the president of Wolverhampton Rotary Club, and another, Mr. James Fullwood is a director of Shrewsbury Town F.C. Next November Mr. Fullwood would have celebrated his golden wedding.

In their day Stafford Road F.C. were considered to be the better team in Wolverhampton until Wolverhampton Wanderers were formed from the amalgamation of St Luke's school team and Blakenhall Wanderers Cricket team. During the 1883 season both Stafford Road F.C. and Wolves F.C. played each other twice with Wolves F.C. coming out on top on both occasions.

According to his obituary, James Treen Fullwood played for Stafford Road F.C. at full back along side his friend Richard (Dick) Baugh (see photo below). Dick eventually left Stafford Road FC to play for Wolverhampton Wanderers in the 1886/7 season and ultimately he went on to win several England caps and made 227 league and FA cup appearances for Wolves.

Richard Baugh. Stafford Road F.C., Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. and England. 

Wolves Apprentices

In 1939/40, at the start of the Second World War, Fullwood Tyres at their Chapel Ash HQ’s played their part in helping to raise funds for the war effort by being photographed with members of the Wolves team and their manager Major Buckley.

This apparently was a regular occurrence at the Chapel Ash location where Wolves apprentices would help out in the stores and repair shops. In a recent biography about the famous Wolves and England player Billy Wright, it states apprentices Billy Wright and Jimmy Mullen were laid off when Wolves pulled out of the 1940/41 War League. According to the book this meant they were destined to remain working in a local tyre manufacturer during the 1940/41 season when they were suddenly recalled back to play on loan for Leicester City. Family legend has it that the “local tyre manufacturer” was in fact the Staffordshire Motor Tyre Company at Chapel Ash.

Harold's brother Jim Fullwood (MD of Shropshire Tyre Company) who became a Director of Shrewsbury Town F.C.
Civic Banquets for Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

Harold Fullwood (MD of Staffordshire Tyre Company Ltd) organised and gave speeches at a number of celebratory dinners in honour of several successful Wolverhampton Wanderers FC winning sides during the 1930's and 1940's.

A signed menu from 1939 by all those who organised a dinner in honour of the legendary Wolves manager Major Buckley. Harold T. Fullwood's (Hon. Secretary) signature is on the back of the menu.
Menu from the Civic Banquet for the 1948/9 Wolves 1st Division Championship winning side. Billy Wright and Stan Cullis form kicking figures on the front cover.
On the inside cover Harold Fullwood is shown as the Honorary Secretary of the organising committee.
Right circled in red:
H. Fullwood (Harold), E.Y. Fullwood (Ted)
and J. Fullwood (Jim) are named in the guest list.
At the end of a another successful season for Wolves in 1953/4, Harold gave a toast and made presentations to the Directors and players of Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. at a Civic Banquet in celebration of another winning 1st Division title.

Harold took the place of Major Buckley as he wasn't well at the time.

The inside of the above menu.

Ted Fullwood & John Ireland

Ted Fullwood (probably in his capacity as Mayor) on the left presenting a bowl to John Ireland (Director of Wolves F.C.) in commemoration of Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. winning a tournament in the USA during 1967 competing against other top European clubs.

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