Fullwood Tyres - Frederick Walter Fullwood

James Treen Fullwood; his family and the business he founded
By David Fullwood

Frederick Walter Fullwood

Frederick Walter Fullwood, my grandfather's eldest son and affectionately called within the family "little Fred", was born in Wolverhampton during December 1921. At the age of 14 he ran away from home and joined the army serving in the Royal Berkshire Regiment and Royal Scots Grey's achieving the rank of Sergeant. In 1946 he left the army and became a Police Officer for Oxfordshire Constabulary.

Frederick Walter Fullwood is on the extreme right hand side.

Tim De'Ath

Frederick's grandson Tim De'Ath provides yet another football connection as Tim is the current "Team Chef" for West Ham United a top Barclays Premiership side.

Tim De'Ath on the Star Wars film set.

Before joining West Ham, Tim worked in the entertainment industry as a Chef on films such as Star Wars and James Bond and TV shows such as London's Burning and Holby City.

Tim has been a personal chef to Hollywood stars such as Liam Neeson, Samuel L. Jackson, Wesley Snipes and Ewan McGregor.

While in Czechoslovakia on the filming of the Young Indiana Jones, George Lucas (Director) attended Tim's wedding as his guest.

David Fullwood

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