Fullwood Tyres - James Harold Fullwood

James Treen Fullwood; his family and the business he founded
By David Fullwood

James Harold Fullwood

James Harold Fullwood was Sales Director of the Staffordshire Tyre Company and the eldest son of Harold Thomas Fullwood and grandson of James Treen Fullwood, the tyre company founder.

James received his training at the Dunlop tyre company factory in Birmingham and this enabled him to become an authority on tyres. As Sales Director of Staffordshire Tyre Company he was the main force behind the forming of Fullwood Tyre Services and also the tyre re-tread business.

James joined the Territorial Army as a cadet at a young age and, as such, volunteered for service in the army for the second world war. He served in Egypt and Italy and was able to use his skills and knowledge organising the tyre supplies for the army. He served for the whole of the war until leaving the army, when he re-joined the family business.

As an adult he was on the National Executive Committee of the NTDA (National Tyre Distributors Association) and was Vice Chairman of the NTDA until he had to retire from the industry in 1968.

In 1968, after the death of his father Harold Thomas Fullwood, Staffordshire Tyre Services, together with Fullwood Tyre Services, which was then the largest independent tyre distributor in Europe, was sold to Goodyear's a Wolverhampton based business in the UK.

James also performed public service by being elected as an alderman/councillor for Wolverhampton on their transport committee for very many years but chose not to be Mayor. James is the father of Christine Charlesworth (nee Fullwood) a well known sculptor chosen as an official sculptor for the 2012 Olympics.

David Fullwood

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