a pioneer of industrial art



Frank Sharman

In his time George Wallis was famous as an art teacher, an art educator, an organiser and promoter of the great industrial exhibitions and as a critic of the industrial arts.  But he is remembered now only by a blue plaque.  Very little was known about him until these pages first appeared and, it is fondly hoped, generated some interest in him.  This resulted in further material and information coming to light.  This article was an attempt to revive his memory.  It is still  - and it is still a work in progress.

This narrative is roughly in the chronological order of Wallis's professional life, with observations on Wallis's critical precepts scattered amongst the narrative.  An account of his family appears as the last section. You can, of course, read the pages in any order you like, but the link buttons at the foot of each page assume a sequential approach.

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