Lives of Local People

These are articles about the lives of local people, who lived, or worked in Wolverhampton, or the surrounding area.

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A brief history of the Macdonald sisters and their connections to Wolverhampton by David Bennett.
A Childhood Reminiscence by Anne Knight. Her childhood memories of Penn.
Daisy Alcock by Bev Parker. She was one of the greatest calligraphers of her century.
Joseph Barney by Olga Baird. An important Wolverhampton born artist.
Tom Barrett by Bev Parker. A tribute to a man who gave his life for Sunbeam.
Frank Batkin's recollections of Penn, Castlecroft, his father and childhood. Recollections of his early years in Penn and Castlecroft and his father's barber's shop.
Sir William Bayliss by Helen Priddey.  The director of Bayliss, Jones and Bayliss, and Professor of Physiology, who discovered hormones.
Jim Boulton - An Appreciation  by Bev Parker.
The Clark Family and Their Business by Valerie Wood.
Violet Collins' Memories of Old Wolverhampton by Robert Harley.
Leonard Cottrell by Frank Sharman. The prolific author and broadcaster.
Joe Davies - The Incomparable Joe by Bev Parker.
The Rev. George Everard by Frank Sharman.  The second vicar of St. Marks and prolific evangelical writer.
Henry Fowler of Bilston by Judith Glover
The Revd. John Eddowes Gladstone by the Revd. Dr. Glynne Watkin.  Evangelical Vicar of St. Matthew’s Church, Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton: 1870- 1889
The Revd. Alexander Baring Gould by the Revd. Dr. Glynne Watkin.  The life and work of the first vicar of St. Mark's, Chapel Ash.

Samuel Griffiths by Frank Sharman. A  larger than life Wulfrunian business man of the 19th century.

Sydney Guy by Bev Parker. Brilliant engineer, and founder of Guy Motors.
Maud Highfield remembers ....  living and working in Wolverhampton for more than ninety years.  Ang Johnson records a long and busy life.
The Revd. Alfred Charles Howell by the Revd. Dr. Glynne Watkin.  The life and work of the vicar of St. Matthew's. Horseley Fields, 1900 to 1910.
James Powell Jones by Gill Alleeson. The story of Tettenhall's author and historian, and founder of the Wolverhampton Archaeological Society.
The Reverend Kenneth Hunt "Wolves footballing parson" by Patrick A. Quirke.
Sir Rupert Kettle Prince of Arbitrators by Frank Sharman.
Cyril Kieft by Jim Evans. The story of Cyril Kieft and his Formula 2 and Formula 3 racing cars.
Lawrence Meynell by Frank Sharman.  The life and works of Wolverhampton's most prolific author.
Life in Ladymoor Road by Cynthia Turner.  Childhood memories on the 1920s and of Mada Leene, the Bilston palmist.
Lyons Wright by Dave Fullwood.  Wolverhampton's Chief Water Engineer.
Mollie's Memoir Molly Cox's childhood memories.
Jim Morgan:  bus driver, model maker and weightlifter.  by Frank Sharman.
Richard Morgan by Jeff Morgan. The life and career of a locally born baritone who had a long and successful career.
The Revd. Joseph Butterworth Owen by the Revd. Dr. Glynne Watkin.  The life and work of a 19th century vicar of St. Mary's, Bilston.
Sara Wells Page by Olga Baird. A Parisian artist from Wolverhampton.
Thomas Parker by Bev Parker. A tribute to an inventive genius and early pioneer in the electrical manufacturing industry.
The Priests of St. Matthew’s Church, Horseley Fields, 1846-1945 by the Revd. Dr. Glynne Watkin. Biographical detail of seven priests who served as vicar at St. Matthew's Church during the period 1846 to 1945.
Sophia Amelia Prosser, by G. A. Loach.  The life and works of an authoress with Bilston connections.
The Revd. William Prosser, by G. A. Loach.  The life of the long serving vicar of St. Luke's, Bilston.
Some Famous People of Wolverhampton by Keith Farley.
Jack Spittle: the Lorry Driver's Life by Frank Spittle.  The life and work of a lorry driver (and model maker) from Wolverhampton.
Geoffrey Stevens by Bev Parker. Our last direct link with A.J.S.
The Remarkable Story of the Reverend William Dalton by Peter Hickman.  The life of a famous preacher who greatly influenced 19th century Wolverhampton.
Three Serbian Songs by Phil Jones.  The lives and work of Dr Ernest Darby, Madame Florence Parkes Darby and Vaudrey Darby of the Wolverhampton Music School.
George Benjamin Thorneycroft by Bev Parker. A successful industrialist and Wolverhampton's first mayor.
Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Thorneycroft by Bev Parker. A larger than life figure who lived at Tettenhall Towers.
The Revd. John Thorneycroft Hartley by Frank Sharman:  Wolverhampton man wins Wimbledon.
Evelyn Underhill by Frank Sharman.  A short account of the life of the mystic and writer on mysticism.
Visitors Books by Val Wood.  The story of Edward and Louisa Handley and a theatrical boarding house in Wolverhampton; and how the family moved to New Zealand.

Matthew Biggar Walker by Olga Baird. Patron of Artists and Arts

George Wallis, a Pioneer of Industrial Art by Frank Sharman. The life and work of one of the great Victorian design gurus.
The Rev. and Mrs. O. F. Walton by Frank Sharman.  The novelist wife of the vicar of St. Jude's provides a description of Daisy Bank at the end of the nineteenth century.
Cornelius Whitehouse by Bev Parker. The story of the man who invented the tubes that made town gas distribution a practicality.
Five Generations of Worralls - 1758 to 1901 by Miriam Jennings. The story of a Willenhall lock making family.

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