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 Park Lane


Sydney S. Guy

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Park Lane

In 1913 Sydney S. Guy resigned from his position of Works Manager at the Sunbeam Motor Company to set up his own business. Guy Motors was formed in 1914 and a factory was built at Fallings Park which opened in May 1914. The first vehicle produced was a 30cwt lorry employing a light pressed steel frame, patented 3 point suspension, and a governor to automatically control the speed. During the first world war production was taken over by the Ministry of Munitions, and large numbers of vehicles were produced for military use. Guy also became the largest UK manufacturer of depth charge firing mechanisms. 

Over the years the company has produced large numbers of trucks and lorries, and for a short while built cars. The company's first bus was built in 1924 and soon large numbers of buses were made here. In 1948, Guy purchased the Sunbeam Trolley Bus Company Limited and became the country's largest trolley bus manufacturer. In the early 1950's Guy started to produce heavy goods vehicles, but in 1959 the company ran into trouble with its 'Wulfrunian' bus, which was suffering from a number of mechanical problems. In October 1961 the company went into receivership,  was purchased by Jaguar Cars, and renamed Guy Motors (Europe) Ltd.  In 1966 Jaguar Cars became part of the British Motor Corporation, and production continued at Falling Park as normal. By 1970  sales were falling due to increased competition. Guy started to assemble Scammel tractor units, but production ceased in 1978, and within a few years the works were demolished. Sydney Guy retired in 1967 and died in 1972.