Around the City centre

Thirty years ago many changes were taking place in the City centre. The Mander Centre had recently been completed but Dudley Street was not yet pedestrianised. Queen Square was about to be redeveloped and the Civic Centre was about to be built. Molineux Hotel was still in use and the old St. Peter's Church Hall still stood next to the Polytechnic. Changes were taking place in and around Broad Street in preparation for the building of the next section of the ring road. Luckily for us local photographer David Clare was on hand to faithfully record the old scenes before they were lost forever.

This is the third part of David Clare's 'Images of Wolverhampton' which help us to recall what life was like in the City during the 1970s.


Around Queen Square






Wholesale Market


Around Lichfield Street


Around Broad Street

Please note: David Clare holds the copyright for these images. Unauthorised sale or publication of the images is expressly forbidden without prior consent.

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