Wednesbury is a medium-sized Black Country town, with an interesting industrial heritage. Although well known for large scale tube manufacturing and steel making, its factories also supplied vast numbers of axles for the early railway companies, including the London & North Western Railway. The local canal network, the BCN began as a venture to transport coal from the many coal mines in the Wednesbury area to Birmingham. Religion also played a part when John Wesley preached in town and caused riots. Wednesbury market was well known and frequented. It prospered in the Market Place for many years.

During the last few decades great changes have taken place. The town is now part of Sandwell, along with Oldbury, Rowley Regis, Smethwick, Tipton, and West Bromwich. The shopping centre has been modernised and new and better roads have been built. As in all Black Country towns the traditional industries have almost disappeared. The old and well-known factories that dominated the area, and employed so many are now few and far between. Modern industries have now taken over many of the old industrial sites, and the town appears to be quite prosperous with a bright future ahead.

Wednesbury from the old King's Hill Road.


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