Darlaston, like most towns, has its fair share of old and interesting buildings. Luckily a number of them are listed, either on the Statutory List or the Council's Local List, to give them a degree of protection and hopefully ensure that they will remain for future generations to see and enjoy.

Listed buildings are buildings or structures that are included in the “Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest”, which is compiled by the Secretary of State. Items in the list are considered to be of national importance and are protected against inappropriate alteration or demolition.  

Locally listed buildings are buildings or structures that do not meet the national criteria for inclusion in the Statutory List and are still worthy of protection and conservation in their own right. The Council has compiled a list of these buildings in order to provide a measure of protection.

The following section includes photographs and details of the town's listed buildings. To view a building of your choice, either select it on one of the maps below, or from the list at the bottom of the page:

Listed buildings in the town centre.
Select the building of your choice.

Key to the map:

1. Parish Church.
2. 3 Church St. 
3. 1, 2 Church St. 
4. 37 King St. 
5. 35 King St. 
6. War Memorial.
10. Ilmington.
11. Old Bank.
12. Town Hall.
13. Columbarium.
14. The Swan.
17. All Saints.

Listed buildings on the eastern side of the town. Select the building of your choice.

  Key to the map:

7. Globe Inn.
8. Aqueduct.
9. Bentley House.
15. Generating Station.
16. Halfway House.

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